Graduate Assistantship Information

Graduate Assistantships are one way for graduate students to finance their educational studies at Florida Atlantic University. Assistantships are intended to attract high-quality, degree seeking students and provide them with professional experiences while at FAU that will prepare them for their future work.

The process of obtaining an assistantship is competitive. Assistantships are available in many academic departments and administrative offices, although availability varies by the field of study, type of degree, and degree level. Students interested in applying for an assistantship should contact their graduate programs directly. Some general assistantship opportunities may be posted on the Human Resources Employment Opportunities page.

All graduate students on assistantship must abide by student employment eligibility requirements are listed on FAU's HR Website

Click here to view the Interim Provost's Announcement on January 4, 2023 regarding Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) stipends.

Important Note: All students must notify the Office of Student Financial Aid immediately if they receive or anticipate receiving a tuition waiver or exemption, as financial aid may be affected. Tuition waivers are considered “resources” and must be considered a part of a student’s financial aid package. To report outside awards, complete the Student Statement of Outside Resources and submit to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Should it later be found that you are receiving outside resources which you neglected to report, your financial aid package will be adjusted retroactively to include these resources. This adjustment may result in repayment of previously disbursed financial aid.