Undergraduate Degree Programs

Students entering FAU with fewer than 30 college credit-hours must satisfy the freshman admission requirements outlined in the university catalog and are subject to the FAU core curriculum requirements.

Apply to FAU online at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Engineering and computer science students must complete the Pre-Professional Engineering Program requirements before being admitted into the program of their choice. See the Pre-Professional Engineering Program page for more information.

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) currently offers:

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Minor Programs

Undergraduate Course Syllabi

Joint BS/MS Degree Program

Qualified students also have the opportunity to enter the Joint BS/MS degree program. With an approximate duration of five years, this combined program provides an attractive way for students to continue their graduate work. Students may count 9-credits of approved undergraduate course work toward both their BS and MS degrees.

BS to PhD Direct-Path Program

The usual degree path for an engineer or computer science student at FAU is first a BS degree, then a master's degree and then a PhD degree. All of this can take up to 10 years of study. The BS to PhD Direct-Path program gives highly-qualified bachelor and master's students the opportunity to move rapidly into research activities with the simultaneous completion of the MS and PhD degrees. Admission to the direct-path PhD program may be granted to students entering or already in a graduate engineering or computer science program, including students selected for the Joint BS/MS program. See the program admission and degree requirements for more information.

Online Program Option