Graduate Advising

Getting Started as a Graduate Student

All graduate students at FAU are advised by faculty or staff in the student’s home department/degree program. See the list below and contact the person related to your chosen degree program. Students work with their advisor(s) to create and submit a formal Plan of Study to the Graduate College’s Degree Completion office no later than half-way through their required coursework. Students and their advisor will continue to work together to revise and finalize their Plan of Study prior to the beginning of the term in which they intend to graduate.

See Degree Completion Steps for Graduate Students

Graduate Programs Director

Jean Mangiaracina
Director of Graduate Programs
EE 403, 561.297.6482 

Graduate Advising Team


Ionut Cardei, Ph.D.
Professor and Graduate Advisor
EE 419, 561.297.3401 
Primary Advising: Artificial Intelligence, and Information Technology and Management


Zvi Roth, Ph.D.
Professor and Graduate Advisor
EE 519, 561.297.3471 
Primary Advising: Biomedical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering


Sareh Taebi, Ph.D.
Professor and Graduate Advisor
EE 509, 561.297.2741 
Primary Advising: Computer Engineering, and Data Science and Analytics

Mohammad Ilyas

Mohammad Ilyas, Ph.D.
Professor and Graduate Advisor
EE 422, 561-297-3454 
Primary Advising: Computer Science