Boca Campus Lightning Prediction System

The University has installed a lightning prediction system manufactured by Thor Guard, Inc. at its Boca Raton campus in order to warn athletes, participants, and spectators at outdoor athletic and campus recreation facilities when a danger of lightning strike exists.

Using a series of strategically located horns and strobes, the system is designed to issue warnings in time for those at outdoor athletic and campus recreation facilities to seek shelter at an appropriate location. The horns and strobes may be heard or seen at other locations around the Boca Raton campus; therefore, others should heed these warnings as well.

thor guard horns

Red Alert = One, 15 second blast and yellow strobe turns on
Seek Shelter Immediately!

All Clear = Three, 5 second blasts and yellow strobe turns off
Resume Normal Activites.

When thunder roars, go indoors

The Thor Guard system at the Boca Raton Campus is currently set to operate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day.  When conditions for a lightning strike exist, the system will give a 15-second blast on the horn cluster. At the same time, a yellow strobe will activate and stay on until the danger has passed. Once the potential for a lightning strike has passed, the system will activate the horns for an all-clear signal -- three short (5 second) blasts -- and the strobe light will stop blinking.

If the Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System activates or a lightning strike danger is indicated by other monitoring systems, seek shelter inside a nearby building or a fully enclosed metal vehicle. Do not seek shelter under towers, trees or tall objects that could attract a lightning strike. Once inside a vehicle do not touch any metal that could be part of the vehicle frame. If you are working with an outdoor group, suspend activities and guide your participants inside.

Lightning Safety Information