Medical Monitoring Program for Animal Research 

How to Enroll in the Animal research Medical Monitoring Program  

  1. Review the Animal Research Health and Safety Plan New!
  2. Consult with the Lab Manager/Principle Investigator that the individual is currently designated as working with animals in BioRaft.  Contact Josanne Hollingsworth at, if you have further questions.
  3. Complete the OccMed Form (Medical Surveillance Questionnaire) in BioRAFT
  4. When the form is submitted in Bioraft, continue with the intake process for Student Health Services here.  Once all forms have been submitted with Student Health Services, you will be contacted for an appointment.
  5. You must submit a new Medical Surveillance Questionnaire when there is a change in:
          Personal medical condition
          Personnel work tasks
          Species handled
          Personnel has changed PI or Lab

Personnel identified as working with research animals will receive an annual reminder regarding the medical surveillance program to complete the Annual Health Questionnaire for Work with Animals in BioRAFT.

Please contact the Josanne Hollingsworth-Maida with the EH&S Department at or 561-297-0778 with any questions regarding this process.