Diving Safety Program

The Environmental Health and Safety Department's Diving Safety Safety Program administers all official diving activities conducted under the auspices of Florida Atlantic University. This includes all scientific diving, commercial diving, university sponsored diving under grants or stipends, hosted visitor diving and official diving by faculty, staff and students at Florida Atlantic University.

Diving Safety

For New Applicants:

Applying to the Scientific Diving Program
Download an Application Package

Online Resources:

Endangered and Invasive Species in South Florida
Regional Recompression Chambers and Medical Facilities
American Academy of Underwater Scientists
Scientific Diving Scholarships and Grants
Current Florida Water Quality Reports
NOAA Weather
Florida Tide Information
NOAA National Data Buoy Center

To Contact the Diving Safety Officer:

Diving Safety Officer
Florida Atlantic University
Building 69 Room 112
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
tel: 772.242.2537
cell: 772.766.1159
email: Jimmy Nelson (Interim DBSO)

After hours or in the event of emergency:
cell: 772-766-1159