Main Department Email: webcontroller@fau.edu

Third Party: sponsoredstudents@fau.edu 

Waivers: waivers@fau.edu

 Main Telephone:  561-297-6101


Monday -Thursday 8:00am – 6:00pm

Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm



777 Glades Road

Building SU80 Room 130

Boca Raton, FL 33431

Please mail payments to:

Florida Atlantic University

PO Box 745368

Atlanta, GA 30374-5368

Should you have questions related to Financial Aid please email your Financial Aid Counselor or call 561-297-3530


Annette Blackwell

Senior Assistant Controller–Tuition and Billing Services, Student Accounts

Telephone: 561-297-6101

Email: ablackwe@fau.edu

Bertha Tappen

Senior Assistant Controller–Tuition and Billing Services, A/R and Collections 

Telephone: 561-297-3121

Email: tappenb@fau.edu


Student Accounts

Shanett Brown

Assistant Director of Student Accounts

Telephone: 561-297-4428

Email: browns@fau.edu


A/R Collections

Krystal Branker

Assistant Director, Tuition and Billing Services, A/R and Collections

Telephone: 561-297-1242

Email: kbranker@fau.edu


Jayden Martin

Call Center Operations Manager

Telephone: 561-297-3112

Email: martinj2019@fau.edu

Leonardo Hinojosa

Collections Coordinator

Telephone: 561-297-1008

Email: lhinojo2@fau.edu


Marvin K. Eyma

Front Desk Operations Manager

Telephone: 561-297-6102

Email: meyma2015@fau.edu

Joangelia Yvette Cody

Assistant Director, Business/Finance Auxiliary Services

Telephone: 561-297-2608

Email: codyj@fau.edu


Christopher T. Waverla

Call Center Specialist

Telephone: 561-297-4428

Email: cwaverla@fau.edu


Jonathan Gregorek

Front Desk Specialist

Melanie Johnson

Coordinator, Accounting Receivable

Telephone: 561-297-4216

Email: melaniejohnson@fau.edu

Andrew B. Brown

Accounting Specialist

Email: andrewbrown@fau.edu

Telephone: 561-297-6101

Email: jgregorek@fau.edu 


Grant Brooks

Call Center Specialist

Telephone: 561-297-6101

Email: brooksg@fau.edu