Contacting Your Financial Aid Counselor

Students are assigned financial aid counselors at the time their FAFSA is loaded to the FAU system.

Students with financial aid questions are encouraged to first review the Frequently Asked Questions. Should their question remain unresolved, students are encouraged to contact their assigned counselor by email with their financial aid questions. Students may obtain the name and email address of their assigned financial aid counselor by completing the following steps:

  • Log on to MyFAU
  • Click on the "FAU Self-Service" link on the left hand side
  • Click on the "Financial Aid" tile/box
  • Click on the "Financial Aid Status" tile/box
  • If prompted for Aid Year, select aid year for which you filed a FAFSA"
  • Your counselor's name and email address will appear at the top of the screen.

Students who are unable to complete the above process to obtain their counselors name and email address should complete the following steps below based on the condition which matches their circumstances:

  1. I have not yet completed a FAFSA and have questions about completing the FAFSA.

    Students should first review the general instructions on "Applying for Financial Aid" webpage. Here you will find a link to the FAFSA website and FAU School Codes.

    Many questions regarding completing the FAFSA are answered at the U.S. Department of Education on-line guide to Filling Out the FAFSA.

    If, after reviewing the above material, students still have questions regarding filling out the FAFSA, they should come to the FAU Office of Student Financial Aid or contact the office by phone at (561) 297-3530.

  2. I have filled out a FAFSA and confirmed on that FAU has received it, but I am still unable to obtain my counselor contact information through the process described above.

    a) Make sure the aid year you are inquiring about (in the drop-down box) on Self-Service matches the year for the FAFSA that you have filed.

    b) If the matching award year is confirmed and the information remains inaccessible, send an email to Nicholas Lloyd ( stating you have confirmed FAU has received a transmission of your FAFSA but you cannot access your financial aid information through MyFAU. Please make sure to include the following in your email: your last name, first name, FAU Z-Number and date of birth.

  3. I am a Bright Futures recipient and cannot review my Bright Futures Award.

    The Florida Department of Education (OSFA) ultimately determines your eligibility for Bright Futures scholarships. Our office will post your award when OSFA confirms your eligibility. Please contact Wilton Brown ( for questions or concerns about your Bright Futures award.

  4. I am a recipient of an outside scholarship which does not require a FAFSA and need to contact someone regarding processing questions.

    The donor should send the scholarship notification letters and/or certification requests to the Office of Student Financial Aid on the Boca Raton Campus. Within five (5) business days of our receipt of the notification letter, our office will post the scholarship award. Please contact Wilton Brown ( for questions or concerns regarding your scholarship.

Boca Raton/Main Campus Contact Information

(Students residing between West Palm Beach and North Lauderdale) :

Campus Address & Phone:
777 Glades Road, Bldg SU80 Rm 233
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Tel: (561) 297-3530 Fax (561) 297-3517

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday - 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm

FAFSA School Code: 001481

First 4 Letters of Student Last Name
Counselor Name
Email Phone
AAAA-BIER Julia Lampman 561-297-2737
BIES-CHUC Douglas Stupec 561-297-4052
CHUD-DUFF Barbara Stern 561-297-3518
DUFG-GIRA Vera Rey-Beach 561-297-3525
GIRB-HORS Wilton Brown 561-297-0678
HORT-KOLB + Athletes Rosie Cruz 561-297-2557
KOLC-MATE Ed Hayward 954-236-1231
MATF-NOAA Angela Ashley 561-297-3527
NOAB-RAMI Alex Laurent 561-297-3528
RAMJ-SEGO Ana Gagula 561-297-1076
SEGP-TORR Jolla Molinar 561-799-8111
TORS-ZZZZ Nicholas Lloyd 561-297-3526
Graduate Students & Special Programs Ashram Maharaj 561-297-4069


Email Phone
Ana Gagula  Assistant Director for Customer Service and Public Relations           561-297-1076
David Richards Sr. Financial Aid Officer, Front Desk/Phones Manager 561-297-1156


Email Phone
Doug Stupec Assistant Director, Federal Programs                      561-297-4052
Sara Hajazi Coordinator, Federal Work Study and Off Campus Jobs 561-297-1250


Email Phone
Barbara Stern Assistant Director, Verification Supervisor                      561-297-3518
Nicole Ryan Coordinator, Verifications                      561-297-4615


Email Phone
Vera Rey Beach Assistant Director - State Programs, Scholarships & Grants 561-297-3525
Wilton Brown Coordinator, External Scholarships 561-297-0678
Shelley Wellington      Coordinator, Foundation Scholarships 561-297-1009
Rosie Cruz Coordinator, Athletes 561-297-2557
Julia Lampman Financial Aid & Scholarship Specialist, Institutional Scholarships 561-297-2737


Email Phone
Doug Stupec Assistant Director - Federal Programs 561-297-4052
Ashram Maharaj Coordinator, Graduate Programs & PLUS Loans 561-297-4069
Ed Hayward Coordinator, Private/Alternative Loans 954-236-1231
Angela Ashley             Coordinator, Pell Grant 561-297-3527
Nicholas Lloyd Records Specialist including ISIR loading (FAFSA) 561-297-3526


Email Phone
Theresia Lau                Assistant Director - Tech and Automated Systems             561-297-2380
Thomas Falloretta Coordinator, Computer Applications 561-297-3521


Email Phone
Tracy Boulukos Assistant Vice President for Financial Aid & New Student Initiatives 561-297-3531
Alex Laurent Associate Director - Operations 561-297-3528
Paul Agostinelli           Associate Director - Technical and Business Operations 561-297-3532
Eldina Visnjic Financial Aid Optimization and Compliance Manager 561-297-0232
Suzanne Paton Compliance and Training Officer, Student Financial Aid 561-297-2751
Maria Faber Fiscal Operations Officer 561-297-2738
Beata Bregman Accounting Specialist - Reconciliation and R2T4 561-297-3529
Caitlin Siat Coordinator, Reconciliation and R2T4 561-297-4618
Susan Schuknecht Financial Aid Administrative Support and Events Specialist 561-297-3522


Ft. Lauderdale/Davie Campus Contact Information

(Students residing in North Lauderdale and any cities South & West of North Lauderdale) :

Campus Address & Phone:
3200 College Avenue Bldg LA-Lobby Central
Davie, FL 33314
Tel: (954) 236-1229

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday - 8:30am - 7:00pm
Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm

FAFSA School Code: E00584

Email Phone
Derek Phillips Associate Director - Student Financial Aid 954-236-1230
Edward Hayward Coordinator 954-236-1231
George Costa    Senior Financial Aid Officer 954-236-1232
Regina Thomas       Senior Financial Aid Officer 954-236-1134


Jupiter/MacArthur Campus Contact Information

(Students residing in West Palm Beach and any cities North & West of West Palm Beach) :

Campus Address:
5353 Parkside Drive Bldg SR-139
Jupiter, FL 33458
Tel: (561) 799-8697

Office Hours:
Monday, Thursday & Friday- 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday & Wednesday - 8:00am - 7:00pm

FAFSA School Code: E00830

Email Phone
Chrissy Gass Director of Financial Aid for Partner Campuses 561-799-8633
Jolla Molinar            Asst. Director of Financial Aid 561-799-8111


Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

Office of Medical Student Financial Aid
Ellen Gomes, Director of Medical Student Financial Aid
(561) 297-2591

Community Part-Time Jobs - Boca Campus:

(561) 297-3680
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm



If you have any comments or concerns with this website, please contact the Financial Aid Webmaster.

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