Create a UCEW Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

Use this template to incorporate a syllabus scavenger hunt into your courses.


The purpose of this activity is for you to read and discuss the syllabus closely and to identify ways to receive writing support from the University Center for Excellence in Writing (UCEW).

Technical Requirements

Internet access is required to schedule an appointment with your writing consultant to complete this assignment.

How to Schedule a Scavenger Hunt with the UCEW

  1. Visit the UCEW website at
  2. Select “Schedule Appointment” on the homepage
  3. Review and scroll down to agree to the writing center terms
  4. Select “Continue to Scheduler”
  5. Login with your FAUNET ID credentials
  6. Select “First Visit? Register for an account” through the WCONLINE portal
  7. Complete the registration form with your personal and academic information
  8. Provide your email and create a password to access the WCONLINE scheduler
  9. Return to the homepage to log in with your WCONLINE credentials
  10. Select the campus schedule of your preference
  11. Identify the white box on the schedule to reserve an open appointment
  12. Include the appointment information on the pop-up window
  13. Select “Online” or “In Person” for your preferred appointment format
  14. Include appointment details to include the words UCEW Scavenger Hunt in the field “What would you like to work on today?”
  15. Select “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window

The Assignment

Review the questions below related to the syllabus and the UCEW with your writing consultant and then provide the responses in a separate Word document. 

Syllabus Questions

  • What are your professor’s office hours? Where is his/her office located?
  • Does your professor specify the best way to reach them? If so, what does he/she say?
  • What is the grading scale like? Explain the grading process for this course.
  • Does your professor outline or specify important assignments and their due dates?
  • Are there any special rules or guidelines you must follow? If so, specify.
  • Locate the course schedule of assignments and readings.
  • Do you have any questions about accessing the course textbook? (e.g. in FYW, you will use LaunchPad for the handbook and TopHat for our “Connections” textbook)
  • How much late work is accepted?
  • According to the course syllabus, adhering to _______ writing format is recommended.
  • Where would you find help if you have problems with your computer and other technology issues?

UCEW Questions

  • How many appointments can you schedule per week?
  • How long is each appointment session?
  • Do you have to have a completed draft before I can make an appointment?
  • How can you share your work with your consultant during a live, online appointment session
  • How can you receive a proof-of-visit once your session has been completed?
  • How can you receive a third weekly appointment for additional help? 


Example 1: To earn credit for this assignment, ask your writing consultant for a proof-of-visit email to be sent to your instructor.

Example 2: Compose a summary of what you learned about the course expectations and submit your summary together with questions about the course to the “Syllabus and Course Questions” discussion board topic.