Introduce the UCEW to Students

The UCEW is ready to assist all writers at every stage of the writing process, working with clients from brainstorming for a new assignment through to the final draft. Writing conferences can help even the most advanced writers gain new perspectives on their work while beginning writers will find supportive and knowledgeable consultants to help guide their practice. Although conferences will vary according to the writing project, UCEW consultants can help clients:

  • unpack difficult readings
  • understand assignments
  • generate and clarify ideas
  • flesh out weak or biased arguments
  • understand documentation and citation practices
  • follow task-appropriate format
  • develop strategies for identifying patterns of error that can be tracked and proofread for conformity to American academic English
  • provide expert perspectives for creative projects


How to Schedule In Class Visits and UCEW Tours - Faculty Information

Thank you for encouraging your students to use our free, writing support services at the UCEW! 

We are happy to offer your students a brief 10-minute introduction to the services that we provide at the UCEW. 

In the 10-minute class presentation, your writing consultant will provide the following:

  • A walk-through of the UCEW’s website
  • UCEW marketing materials
  • Guidance on the scheduling software registration
  • Examples of how to schedule in person and live, online appointments
  • Description of a writing consultation 
  • Description of our team of writing consultants

We find that having a writing consultant visit a classroom greatly encourages students to revise their writing and develop their academic writing skills. 

To request your class visit, please complete the following 8-question form. 

If you prefer a 10-minute class tour of the UCEW at our Boca location, please use the link above.

We look forward to meeting you and your students!

Syllabus Statement 

The University Center for Excellence in Writing is a free service that supports and promotes writing for all students at FAU. Consultants help students at any point in the writing process (i.e., brainstorming, drafting, revising) and with papers for courses, senior or master theses, dissertations, job applications, applications for graduate school, articles for publication, grant proposals and other documents. For questions and additional inquiries, please contact us by phone at 561-297-3498 or by email at To schedule an appointment and for further information about our center, visit us at

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