Boca Raton Campus Consultants:


Hello, fellow students. I have broad interdisciplinary experience in the social sciences, including a masters in communication, and a doctorate in sociology from Boston University. So I welcome anyone working both on beginning and advanced projects in any of the social sciences. In addition to scholarly research, I have also written fiction, poetry, and screen and stage plays (and even written a song or two!). But my first love (well, aside from my family) is barber shop harmony. I could sing it all day. I hope to work with you soon.


I enjoy working with writers at any point in the process so that they can develop their own ideas, express what they want to say, and follow the format that is appropriate for the writing assignment at hand. I am a graduate student finishing my MA in Spanish in the Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature (LLCL) department at FAU. Language and literature, in Spanish and English, are my life-long endeavors and I have used them in many settings. I write and translate a variety of texts. Along with literary analysis and academic writing, I have worked in NGOs that focus on human rights, women’s rights, development and gender issues. I have experience writing grant proposals and applications for arts, humanities, and social science projects, as well as academic programs. I also like video production and write proposals and narrative scripts. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Hi! My name is Ashley. I’m an MA student studying English with concentrations in American Literature and Literary Theory. I recently graduated from the FAU bachelor’s program where I completed my senior thesis on Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s literature through critical disability studies. I also have experience and interest in editing and publishing. I was part of Coastlines, FAU’s undergraduate lit mag, for two years and was Editor-In-Chief from 2016-2017. I have always loved reading and writing and also enjoy visual art, history, music, and film. I love meeting new people and advising on any kind of writing projects. I hope to work with you soon!


Hello there, Owls! I am currently in my last undergraduate semester, but I completed my Associate degree in Business Administration at Miami Dade College prior to transferring to FAU. I am currently majoring in English and minoring in professional and technical writing. When I begin my graduate studies this Fall, I will be focusing primarily on English and Irish literature as well as creative writing, particularly historical fiction. I am fond of writing because it allows me to express myself with openness and curiosity without sacrificing concision and objectivity. Writing also enables me to learn from other people, topics, and situations continually and provides me with a unique platform to constructively share the knowledge I gather along the way. I have expertise in MLA citation style, but as a previous business student and manager, I also have experience with cover letters, resumes, and grants. Furthermore, as a native Spanish speaker, I can understand and assist students with increasing English writing proficiency. So! Whether you need help with fine-tuning your resume, writing an essay for your Gordon Rule course, or organizing the elements of your creative writing project, come see me, and I will be happy to help with the task at hand. 


Hi! My name is Cara, and I am a junior here majoring in Management Information Systems. Don’t let my major scare you away, I have extensive experience with academic and creative writing across all disciplines. I consider myself an expert in MLA and APA formatting along with grammar/punctuation and identifying issues with tone, voice, and audience in academic writing. If you are worried your essay does not sound ‘smart enough’, I can help you! I am also helpful when it comes to talking out ideas to help develop essays and general brainstorming, a part of the writing process that many find overwhelming and hard to start. I am a writing consultant because I genuinely LOVE writing (as does everyone else on this list) and it brings me joy to help people move past writing fears and hesitation. Even if you are looking for help with something I do not mention here, come see me! Writing is always a learning process, and I look forward to going through it together.



As a graduate student working on a Masters in History (having already obtained a Bachelor's in History), I am quite adept at advising any student on history essays, and similarly-structured research papers. I'm experienced with the use of Chicago style and the related Turabian style, which are often a requisite for such papers, particularly for the History Department at FAU. Additionally, I minored in Film Studies and am quite capable of advising on film papers as well. I look forward to helping students grow in their writing, and I would be happy to offer my expertise to any student, particularly history students, at FAU.



Elaine Barron Mendelow received a Ph.D. from Florida Atlantic University in Comparative Studies CLL (Cultures, Languages, and Literatures).  Academic areas of focus include auto/biography and Judaic studies. She holds a BA and MA in English from SUNYat Buffalo. She is also a certified ESOL instructor. She is the founding director of Heritage Biography International (HBI), a company that enables people to tell their life stories in the form of a recorded video narrative. She has extensive tutoring experience in varied subject areas, running the gamut from extremely reluctant to very eager writers. She looks forward to assisting students with crafting everything and anything: class assignments, resumes, online bios, articles/publicity, graduate school/job applications, dissertations—no writing task is too great or too small!



Hello Owls! My name is Gail and I am dedicated to helping students with their work in political science.  I am currently a student too and am part of the inaugural Culture, Society and Politics track in the Comparative Studies PhD program.  My BA is in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with minors in history and political science and my MA is from FAU in Political Science.  My focus of study was comparative politics and I researched economic development and democratization.  My PhD focus is the intersection of individual identity, social movements and political structures. Part of my devotion to life long learning is a  love of “active travel”.  For example, this past summer I bicycled in the Baltic States and hiked in  Peru. I’ve been to over 30 countries and I  love experiencing diverse cultures, rich history and new places. If I can help you with writing, reading, or understanding your political science assignments, I am here for you!


Writing does not have to be torture. From brainstorming ideas to sharpening thesis statements, helping with research, and pointing out citation and other style errors, I can teach you simple techniques for making future writing assignments easier. My background is in journalism, but I've also worked in public relations and taught composition -- how to write research papers, persuasive essays and literary critiques -- as well as journalism, so I am familiar with a variety of writing assignments and styles. Whether it's a complex term paper or a brief resume, I can help you become the best writer you can be.


Hello, my name is Jacob and I am currently studying Spanish and Linguistics, as well as working on my TESOL certification here at the University. I obtained my BA in English Literature with a concentration in British literature from FAU in 2016. Brainstorming and formatting are some of my favorite things to help clients with, but my knowledge extends to things like MLA formatting, literary analysis, critical reading skills, and student's whose second language is English.   


Hi! My name is Jessenia and I'm currently an undergraduate student here at FAU pursuing Bachelor's degrees in both English and Communication Studies. I started out at FAU High School and learned quickly what it meant to write a higher level academic paper under a lot of stress, and ever since then I've been fascinated by and had an incredible respect for the writing process. A great professor once challenged my tendency to constantly belittle my own writing abilities, and advised me to start expressing my ideas with more confidence. Since then, I've been a firm believer that even that paper you think is going to get you a failing grade has incredible potential if only you're willing to put in the work. I'm committed to helping each and every student who has any sort of interest in fulfilling that potential, and it brings me great fulfillment to see a student grow in their writing confidence over the course of a session. I'd therefore be happy to help in any stage of the writing process, whether it's brainstorming, outlining, drafting, or even revising a finished paper that could be even further improved. I'm confident that you will gain something from any session at the UCEW, and I look forward to working with you to address any and all of your writing needs!


Hello FAU students! I am a graduate of the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!), and I also hold a master’s degree from the University of Georgia. I have published two novels in the young adult genre, which both won gold medals in the Florida Book Awards. I will help you with thesis development, the logical organization of your essay, and writing a strong conclusion. If you would like help in making your prose concise, cogent, and captivating, come and see me.


Hi there! My name is Joseph and I’m a graduate student in English here at FAU. I have an extensive background in editing, having worked as a content editor for various company websites and as an assistant editor for online literary magazines. In terms of literary interests, I gravitate towards autofiction and poetry, particularly work that crosses borders and genres. If you have any questions about getting your work published or writing cover letters, I can help you out. As an English student myself, I’m well-versed in essay crafting, structure, sentence clarification, and MLA format. I look forward to working with you!


Hey! How are you? If you have made it this far down the list, I am impressed. As far as consulting goes, I am very capable in many areas. In particular, I am an English major who is phenomenal at writing papers and is just as capable at helping you with yours. I have experience ranging from literary analysis to philosophy—and that is all before I worked at a long-standing job writing news articles. Whether you need help with issues like essay construction and thesis development, or any of the many smaller things that you need for your work, I can absolutely help you.


Hi all! I have a bachelor’s in theatre and minor in literature from the University of Central Florida, and my debut romance novel will be published soon! I can help students writing in all styles, but I am most proficient in MLA. I honestly love helping with all stages of the writing process, but I feel especially passionate about brainstorming, constructing a thesis, discussing organization, and examining in-depth analysis within papers. If you need help with any of the above then feel free to book an appointment with me, I look forward to offering assistance! Let’s do this!


Hey there, my name is Kira and I am currently pursuing my master’s in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. If APA-style formatting and citations got you down, then I’m your girl! Thanks to my psychology and market research background, I’m adept with facilitating research-oriented papers. Additionally, I have found that my Zen attitude simplifies the stress of brainstorming ideas from personal statements to literary reviews. I look forward to meeting you soon!


Hi, I am glad that you are looking for a writing consultant today! I am a graduate student in the College of Education, just about to complete my Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and I teach a couple of classes here at FAU as an adjunct instructor. I also was an elementary school teacher for about fifteen years, so I have worked with many levels of writing development. To me, it is all about meeting the writer where they are at the moment and working forward from there. My background also includes a bachelor’s degree in biology which I did not put to work, but it provides me with the vocabulary to comfortably read within the sciences. I look forward to working with many of you this semester!


Marcy maintains a twenty-five year career as an Executive Vice President and Managing Principal in the financial services arena. She spent many years on Wall Street in Commercial Lending and was the Executive Vice President  and Corporate Director of the Wealth Management Division for several Major Commercial Banks. She has been a Chairperson for FINRA for fifteen years (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a non-profit regulatory firm appointed by Congress) which arbitrates and provides the final rulings for all securities and investment disputes against securities and brokerage firms and brokers nationally.  Marcy is an Expert Witness and Consultant for Financial lawsuits with the Thomson Reuters Company (a multinational mass media and information firm). Marcy has degrees in Piano Performance and Music Management  (NYU and Hartt College of Music), an MBA, attended Concord University School of Law and the Harvard Investment Banking Program.  Marcy is the Founder and Director of a Performing Arts Academy and is a former professional tutor in the CLASS program at FAU for Music Theory and Applied Piano (Graduate and Undergraduate). Marcy has been an active Board Member, Executive Board Member, and Chairperson for a plethora of Charitable Organizations and Black Tie functions for over ten years in Sarasota County. Marcy enjoys mentoring and consulting and enjoys creative writing as well; she  is currently working on her first fiction novel. 



Phil is an experienced instructor in Composition, World Literature, and Journalism. He received a B.S in English and MA in Journalism from The Ohio State University. Phil was an Instructor in The Urban Scholars Program and taught Composition at The University of Massachusetts, Boston. For nine years, he was an Adjunct Instructor of English at Florida Atlantic University, teaching sections of ENC 1101 and 1102. Phil has been published in major newspapers and magazines nationwide including The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Columbus (OH) Citizen Journal, and Parklander Magazine. Currently he is writing website copy for Signature Florida Realty based in Delray Beach. He continues to offer his knowledge and expertise in the Teaching of Writing as a Tutor of English throughout South Florida where he has extensive experience working with Undergraduate and Graduate Students.


Priscilla is pursuing an Interdisciplinary PhD focusing on medical humanities and Latinx studies at FAU. She is a published scholar and writer in both English and Spanish with over 20 years experience. In her early career, she served as managing editor for a Latin American market publication, as well as a bilingual communications manager and writer in the field of investment banking. She teaches Interdisciplinary Studies at FAU, and has a foundation in history, philosophy, sociology and anthropology. She believes that by teaching students to write well, we are preparing them to succeed across multiple careers and platforms. Her belief is based on having been able to establish a lucrative career in business right out of college with only a literature degree as a result of having honed her writing skills. 


Hello everyone! I recently completed my masters in Anthropology here at FAU, with a focus on biology/forensics. Through my academic career, I have assisted anthropology and philosophy students both inside and outside classes, helping them not just review material but also on improving their ability to write more effectively. My writing style is usually geared toward MLA (with specific focus on AAA style that is used in anthropological research), but I also am familiar with APA as well. Whether it is brainstorming ideas, working out a thesis, or looking over concerns/questions about a draft, look forward to assisting you in your writing endeavors.



Hello FAU students! My name is Shaelyn, and I am in the Masters of English program. I graduated with a BA in English from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. I enjoy all steps in the writing process, such as brainstorming, outlining, and editing. I have had the most experience using MLA format; however, I always come to work with my citation manual to help with all forms of citations. If I am unsure of how to help, I know of great resources and directions I can guide you for further help. I look forward to working with you!

Davie Campus Consultants:


Hi there! My name is Kristen and I’m a recent graduate from FAU with an English Education major. As teacher with specialization in reading, I get a lot of joy out of helping others through the various stages of their writing process. I am particularly proficient in working with MLA formatting, but I’m happy to offer assistance with any writing task you might have.


If you're feeling overwhelmed by an assignment--no matter where you are in the writing process--I can help. I am happy to help you find a thesis statement that fits your goal and to help you organize your thoughts so that your writing becomes more effective. I welcome writers that would like help with APA, MLA, and Chicago style formats.


Jupiter Campus Consultants: