Writing Center Policies

Please read the following terms of use for the writing center. You must agree with these terms if you would like to utilize our services. If you do agree with the terms, please check the box that indicates your agreement and then click the "Go to Scheduler" button below.  

Scheduling Policies

  • To ensure adequate revision time and to promote writing independence, consultants will not provide assistance on any writing projects due within two hours of the scheduled session.
  • To ensure equal access to consulting services at the UCEW, we limit students to two, non-consecutive, 40-minute scheduled appointments per week.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please cancel it by accessing your online UCEW account through www.fau.edu/UCEW. Cancellations must occur no less than one (1) hours prior to the appointment time.
  • Writing Center staff will not cancel appointments for you.

No-Show Policy and Suspension of Online Scheduling Privileges

  • Missing an appointment without canceling it is called a no-show. No-shows impact the consultants who anticipate your session as well as a student who could have been seen in the spot you missed.
  • If, in one semester, you accumulate three no-shows, your online scheduling privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the term.
  • If your privileges are suspended, you may continue to utilize UCEW services, but on a walk-in basis only.

Plagiarism Policy 

  • Plagiarism occurs when writers claim—deliberately or inadvertently—someone else’s writing as their own. Florida Atlantic University identifies plagiarism as an academic irregularity with serious consequences.
  • If plagiarism is apparent, a consultant will help the student identify, eliminate, and/or rework the questionable text. In the event of a second incident, the student’s instructor will be notified.

Exam Policy

  • Consultants may not help students with tests, mid-terms, or final exams unless the course instructor has written on the exam paper explicit instructions that permit outside assistance.

Proof of Attendance

  • If you would like to provide your instructor with proof that you attended the UCEW, please ask your consultant to fill out and sign a green visit card.
  • Students may request that additional limited information be provided to professors by contacting the UCEW Director or Assistant Director.

Error Tracking Policy

  • Our aim is to make students self-sufficient so that they can learn to track their own patterns of error.
  • Writing consultants will help students identify and track patterns of error in their writing and coach them on eliminating those patterns so that they can proofread their own work, but consultants will not edit an entire paper for students no matter how short the paper.