Forwarding E-Mail, And Why You Shouldn't

When the University sends e-mail to FAU faculty, staff, or students, its policy is to send to only the official FAU e-mail address. However, faculty, staff, and students may, if they choose, forward their FAU e-mail to another account.

However, forwarding your FAU e-mail isn't necessarily a good idea. 

An increasingly common problem is that FAU e-mail is often blocked by some of the major ISPS, such as AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, and Hotmail. This happens when FAU sends out a message to a large number of people. When an ISP sees many messages going to its users from a single address, it flags the message as spam so it is is either delayed in delivery (mail not flagged as spam goes through first) or isn't delivered at all. FAU has discussed the problem at length with ISP administrators, such as AOL, but they are not willing to change procedures. Other universities are facing the same problem and have therefore recommended that their faculty, staff, and students not forward their university e-mail to a personal e-mail account because of the potential for the mail to be blocked. 

FAU uses e-mail for much of its communication, such as student bills, financial aid disbursements, and emergency notices. To ensure that you receive your FAU e-mail, it is recommended that you not forward FAU emails to any personal e-mail accounts, all of which are using similar spam-blocking procedures. Also, if you have a problem receiving your FAU e-mail, our support team can better troubleshoot the problem with the mail is on FAU systems.



 Last Modified 11/8/16