Career FAQs

What is Handshake?

A career development platform for launching your career. The benefits of using Handshake include easy appointment scheduling, search tools and alerts for jobs and internships, help building a professional profile, a personalized platform for career recommendations.

How do I join Handshake?

Go to, login with your MyFAU credentials and fill-in your profile.

Why should I complete a profile in Handshake?

Employers use Handshake to search for students they would like to offer internships and job opportunities to. Each student should complete his or her profile and submit their resume for approval to be included in the database in order to receive potential offers.

Handshake FAQs.

What is the difference between a Professional Internship Course and Cooperative Education? (see Internships/Co-ops)

Professional Internship Course (IDS 3949)

  • Offered on a semester basis, fall, spring, or summer (Term I). Students can participate multiple times with one employer or different employers.
  • Acceptance and placement into an internship assignment is not guaranteed.
  • All students must be approved by the FAU Career Center before being registered for the Professional Internship course.
  • This 0-1 credit course offers students the opportunity to gain "real-world" exposure and supervised experience related to their major, specific field of study or career interests.
  • No min. GPA required.
  • Ability to work 60+ hours during the semester.

Cooperative Education Program

  • Open to undergraduate students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors.
  • Operates on a part-time basis, 20 hours per week, no more, no less.
  • Participating undergraduate students may participate in up to four part-time semesters, but a minimum of 3 semesters is required.
  • Students work a part-time schedule that is dependent on their class schedule (typically Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - noon or 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.).
  • Co-op students take two 3-credit classes during their work terms. Note that the class time must not interfere with the work schedule. ¬†Students are expected to attend classes 4 days per week. There is no adjustment permitted to this policy.

How do I report my internship/experience?

  1. Login to Handshake.
  2. Select "Career Center" from the top menu.
  3. Select "Experiences" from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the tab that says "Request an Experience" and begin filling in the information for your internship.

Why should I report my internship?

To get credit, and only students who register for a Professional Internship course will have it notated on their transcript.