WGSS Graduate Course Offerings

Courses Offered in the Past Five Academic Years from 2018 to 2022

WST 6185 Women, War and Peace Building

WST 6327 Women, Violence, Resistance 

WST 6339 Sex, Violence in Hollywood 

WST 6348 Wmn, Envr, Ecofem & Envr Just 

WST 6405 Women of Color in U.S. 

WST 6564 Feminist Theory and Praxis 

WST 6604 Sexuality and Gender Studies 

WST 6615 Gender, Health and Power

WST 6934 Feminist Pedagogy & Profsnlztn :: Language, Gender, and Sexuality :: Carcerality and Queerness

                  Transnational Feminist Movement :: Violence Against Women :: Sexuality in the America

WST 6936 Seminar in Global Perspectives on Gender 

WST 6938 Feminization of Poverty

CST 7309 Intersectionality Theory & Praxis :: Queer Inquiry: Language, History, Agency, Normativity

SYD 6934 Seminar: Sociology of Gender

ARH 6897 Bodies of Art

LIT 6105  Sexuality and Colonialism 

LIT 6934  Body Culture :: Queer Literature and Film :: Eroticism East and West :: Women and War 

SPW 6206 Latin American Women Writers 

SPW 6938 Love & Med in Pen Lit & Film :: Domestic Fictions

WOH 5935 Visions of the Body in Chinese History and Culture :: Buddhism, Women & Environment  

CCJ 6669 Class, Race and Gender in Criminal Justice :: Sex Offender Research and Policy ::Sex Offender Research and Policy

RTV 6639 Gender and Screen Cultures  

SPC 6639 Feminist Rhetor Theory  

Recommended Electives

CCJ 6934 White Collar Crime

COM 6931 Science, Health and Env Rhetoric 

EDF 6615 Black Perspectives in Education 

ENC 6930 Cyborg & Posthuman Rhetorics

ENL 6305 James Joyce

PAD 6142 Intro to Nonprofit Management :: Intro to Nonprofit Management

SPC 6715 Intercultural Communication

SPW 6405 Building a National Literature from the Middle Ages

SPW 6938 Spanish Caribbean Literature

SPW 6939 Latin American Literature of Environment 

SYD 6934 Seminar in the Sociology of Work :: Sociology of Childhood :: Health and Aging

LIT 6105 Petrocultures/Energy and the Humanities 

LIT 6932  Superheroes :: Afrofuturism: Race to the Future :: Artificial Intelligence in Literature and Film

MMC 6931 Ethics and Politics of AI