The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons by Rachel Teagle

A Heckscher Theatre for Families World Premiere | September 4-19, 2021

mastodons 1

mastodons 3

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“Stabile's energetic cast expertly inhabits comical cartoon-like characters with the absolute truthfulness of denizens of a Shakespearean classic.”
-Bill Hirschman

Suddenly all childhood dreams have come true, and the world is full of astronauts, ballerinas, cowboys, and princesses. It’s a brave and glorious new world for everyone but Jess, who wanted to be a mastodon when she grew up. With the help of her friendly vocational adviser and her super-spy boyfriend, Jess embarks on a journey to find her place in the world, and discover why it seems to be unraveling. An offbeat comedy about ambition, vocation, and restlessness.

Theatre Lab moved to the University Theatre for this production and is collaborated with puppet designer, Jim Hammond, (former puppet-master for Broadway’s The Lion King) to design and build a 9’x12’ Mastodon puppet for this larger than life show!

Director: Matt Stabile* 

Assistant Director: Joanna Orrego 

Stage Manager: Rose Figueroa 

Assistant Stage Manager: Amber Mandic 

Scenic Design: Michael McClain 

Lighting Design: Thomas Shorrock 

Sound Design: Matt Corey 

Costume Design: Dawn C. Shamburger 

Props Design/Scenic Painter: John Shamburger 

Puppet Designer: Jim Hammond 

Videographer: William Smyth 

Video Board Operator: Jazz Patterson 



Jess: Gaby Tortoledo 

Chorus 1 (Buster/Paula/Norma/Paleo 1/Narrator): Rachel Michelle Bryant 

Chorus 2 (Clarence/Jefferson): Daniel Llaca 

Chorus 3 (Delores/Lewis): Irene Adjan* 

Chorus 4 (Tracy/Inga/Comte de Buffon/Clark): Niki Fridh* 

Chorus 5 (Pat/Translator/Paleo 2/Peale): Carlos Alayeto 

Puppeteers: Djimon Armani+, Rachel Dawson+, Eric Fredrickson+, Alyssa Frewen+, 

Michael Focas+, Steven Harding+, John Dalton Logan+, Rebecca Lucatero+, Ashley Brooke Miller+, Caleb James Williams+ 

*Appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States
+ Denotes FAU MFA Candidate 


When She Had Wings

When She Had Wings by Suzan Zeder 

A Heckscher Theatre for Families production
Executive Producers Jeff and Aggie Stoops | Sept 7 - 29, 2019

wings wings 2

wings 3 wings 4

"...regardless of your age, this visually appealing, refreshing tale, will put you in a sunny mood, whether you're 8 or 80."
- Aaron Krause, Florida Theatre On Stage

A story told in sound, movement, and words about 9-year-old B - just plain “B”, like the letter - who knows that before she could walk, she could fly. Desperate to return to the sky before her 10th birthday weighs her down for good, B encounters a mysterious stranger, who seems to have fallen out of a summer storm directly into B’s treehouse. Could this possibly be her hero, Amelia Earhart? Together they must help each other remember how to fly … literally and metaphorically.

Cast and Crew:

A: *Barbara Sloan
B: Stephon Duncan
Man: Roderick Randle
WINGMAN: Daniel Llaca
Sound Op: Paul Curtis

*Appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States

Director: Matt Stabile
Stage Manager: Rose Figueroa
Lighting Designer: Thomas M. Shorrock
Sound Designer: Matt Corey
Costume: Dawn Shamburger
Scenic Designer: Michael McClain
Original Music by: Matt Corey and Paul Curtis
Props Master: John Shamburger
Master Electrician: Nick Chimienti
Costume Shop Manager: Nicholas Jones
Aerial Specialist: Lucky Bruno
Wardrobe Crew: Sarah Leitner Erricson and Tim Bowman
Board Operator: Sasha Arango
Run Crew: Joe Eberspacher



Ronia: The Robber's Daughter  by Allison Gregory

A US Premiere | September 8 to 30 2018

Ronia Ronia 

"...Artistic director Matt Stabile strove to mount a show in the Goldilocks Zone, appealing to children of 7 to 17 and their parents, and their grandparents"
-Bill Hischman, Florida Theatre On Stage

In a mythic countryside in a mountain fort surrounded by wild forest and woodland creatures, young Ronia is raised and loved by her family, who happen to be a band of robbers. Everything changes when she encounters the impetuous son of a rival band of robbers. Their friendship forces Ronia to question her fiery father’s actions— and to take a stand for her own beliefs.

This production was the center-piece of Theatre Lab’s Heckscher Theatre for Families series, providing free writing workshops and live-theatrical experiences to more than 1400 students each year.


Cast and Crew

In order of appearance

Lovis - Angelina Lopez Catledge

Noddle-Pete, Borka - Zack Myers

Undis, Harpy, Little Snip - Niki Fridh*

Matt - Timothy Mark Davis

Birk Borkason, Foolok - Roderick Randle

Ronia - Leah Sessa

and Paul Curtis as The Musician

*Appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States


Director: Matt Stabile

Resident Scenic Designer: Michael McClain

Resident Costume Designer: Dawn Shamburger

Lighting Designer: Thomas M. Shorrock

Resident Properties Designer: John Shamburger

Costume Shop Manager: Nicholas Jones

Wardrobe  Head: Yanislen Valdez

Production Stage Manager: Rose Figueroa

House Manager: Joanna Orrego

Original Music by Paul Curtis & Angelina Lopez Catledge