Degree Programs

Bachelor of Music: Commercial Music

The Commercial Music program offers a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum to help students develop specific skills for a professional career in the music industry. Hoot/Wisdom Records L.L.C. is Florida Atlantic University’s official record label. Administered by the Commercial Music program, the label provides students with practical experience in the production, marketing, and distribution of sound recordings.

Three concentrations comprise the Commercial Music degree program. The Commercial Music Composition and Music Technology concentrations share a common core with separate concentration requirements while the Music Business concentration presents a focus in the business aspects of the music industry.

The Commercial Music Composition concentration provides majors with skills and experience in composing, arranging, producing and recording music for a variety of applications, including film, television and digital media. The Music Technology concentration provides majors with skills and experience in audio recording, live sound reinforcement and music production.

Bachelor of Music Education

The purpose of the Music Education program at Florida Atlantic University is to provide every student learner within the degree program the best possible instruction. Students follow a plan of instruction based on current music research, societal trends, and the modern American educational landscape, with the goal to prepare music teachers to engage with learners of different cultures, ages and ability levels. FAU Music Education majors will be able to structure and manage a positive musical environment that encourages these varied populations to experience, achieve, and thus, come to value music-making as a life-time endeavor.  

FAU offers concentrations in Choral or Instrumental concentrations. Degree completers earn professional certification K-12, which is required for teaching in Florida's public schools. Please watch FAU's future music teachers in action as they engage in real-world instructional environments.  

Bachelor of Music: Performance

The Bachelor of Music: Performance concentration is designed to prepare music majors for professional performance careers, private studio teaching and/or the pursuit of further academic study. This degree program requires 120 credits.

Bachelor of Arts in Music 

The Bachelor of Arts with Major in Music is a degree that balances a general study of music with elective coursework in the liberal arts and humanities, providing a well-rounded liberal-arts-based educational experience for students wishing to pursue a variety of academic interests. This degree program requires 120 credits.

Students must complete the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters B.A. foreign language requirement. Students in the B.A. with major in Music are not eligible to enroll in the Commercial Music minor or to double major in degree programs from the College of Education.

Master of Music

The Master of Music (M.M.) with Major in Music is designed to assist students in attaining an advanced level of competence and knowledge in instrumental or vocal performance, choral or wind conducting, music composition or commercial music composition, as specified by their chosen concentration. The department offers performance and teacher training in standard class instruction, applied studio instruction (private lessons), performance ensembles and chamber music coaching. Florida Atlantic University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). The Music Department adheres to nationally accepted standards regarding the faculty's creative and scholarly research, including making music, studying music and its influences, advancing the pedagogy of music and facilitating music activities.

Two concentrations are available for the Master of Music (M.M.) majors: Commercial Music and Performance. The Commercial Music concentration instructs graduate students in advanced composition, arranging and music production for film, television and digital media. The Performance concentration prepares Music students for professional careers as soloists, conductors or private studio teachers, and/or for the pursuit of further academic study in the listed options below.

February 20 is the priority application deadline for all Master of Music programs. Applications completed after the deadline will be considered for admission and/or funding based on remaining availability.

For more information on applying for the Master of Music degree, please click here.

Combined Degree Programs:

Our combined degree programs are designed for students to complete an undergraduate music degree and a Masters in Nonprofit Management in a condensed five-year curriculum. This is ideal for students interested in launching their music careers by working in the non-profit sector of the music industry, whether it be with symphony orchestras, opera companies, music festivals, etc. Students interested in a combined degree program must audition into the desired undergraduate program, and work with their advisor to arrange their schedule according to the combined program timeline. Details can be found in the university catalog here.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music + Masters in Nonprofit Management

  • Bachelor of Music: Commercial Music Business + Masters in Nonprofit Management

  • Bachelor of Music Performance + Masters in Nonprofit Management

Commercial Music Minor

Students may pursue a minor in commercial music. 

Transfer Student Information

Transfer students planning to enter with an Associate of Arts degree may prepare for entry by completing the courses included in the following curricular charts:

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