Psychophysiology: Multi-Sensory Literacy In The Context Of Fine Arts

Tammy Knipp, Associate Professor, Visual Arts & Art History

Psychophysiology is the study of emotional experience with cognition, exploring the intricate interface of mind, brain and body. This field of study is concerned with how mental events, such as feelings and thoughts may have pronounced effects on bodily processes.   In other words, psychophysiology is the study of the correlation between the psychological and the physiological domains.   In the field of psychophysiology there is a strong emphasis on the importance of physiological responses in both cognitive and emotional processes.

"Artist as Researcher," my presentation will be the discussion of a -video sculpture installation titled CASE STUDY 9983-B, a pilot project that exemplifies theory and practice in the fields of psychophysiology, sociology, visual and multi-sensory literacy.

CASE STUDY 9983-B was showcased at SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery, San Diego, CA, an international juried exhibition representing more than 35 nations. My lecture will include the documentation of CASE STUDY 9983-B while on exhibit. The data will best illustrate the hybridization of art and science.

Art critic and author Timothy Druckrey states: "The body is unquestionably the next frontier--the body, and then cognition."

Mondays, 4:00 - 5:15 p.m.

General Classroom GS 119
(General Classroom South Building)

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