Surviving Your Comprehensive Exams

Surviving your Comps!!!!!


Jacqueline May, Public Intellectual
Evelio Yera, Public Intellectual
Valerie Czerny, Literatures Literacies & Linguistics
Jamie Johnson, Literatures Literacies & Linguistics
Cynthia Zaitz, Fine and Performance Arts

If you are a doctoral student, you will eventually have to take comprehensive exams. Come and learn about what the comprehensive examinations are, when they are given, how to prepare for them – in general, how to survive the entire experience. Whether you are in the Fine and Performing Arts program, Literatures, Literacies, and Linguistics program, or the Public Intellectuals program, you will benefit from hearing about the experiences of your fellow students who have taken and passed their comprehensive exams. Look at this as a “survival” seminar designed to help you get through a major part of your doctoral program. You'll be glad you did! (Faculty members and others are also welcomed to attend.)

Mondays, 4:00 - 5:15 p.m.

Room NU 201 (Nursing Building)

For further information: (561) 297-4225