Financial Support

Graduate Teaching Assistantships are primarily available in English, French, Italian and Spanish. GTAs gain valuable experience teaching and/or assisting in undergraduate courses in their disciplines. The teaching assistantship includes a $15,000.00 stipend as well as a full tuition waiver. Students awarded GTAs are automatically entered into competition for Presidential Fellowships, which add $5,000.00 to the annual stipend.

Special fellowships for students concentrating their studies in areas related to Peace, Justice and Human Rights are also available on a competitive basis.

If you are interested in competing for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship, please include in your statement of purpose this request and indicate any prior teaching experience you may have had in your M.A. program or elsewhere. Be sure to indicate in which areas you feel qualified to work (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Communication, etc.)

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Duties associated with Graduate Teaching Assistantships vary by department.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships in English

Students in the Comparative Studies program who work as Graduate Teaching Assistants for the English department will typically teach first year writing courses (ENC 1101/ENC 1102) for the first two years in the program. Beginning in their second year, they may submit a proposal  to teach an ENC 1102 equivalent, ENC 1939, of their own design and centered around their research interests. Beginning in the third year,  Ph.D. GTAs will be assigned to at least some 2000-level literature classes. On occasion, depending on departmental needs and GTA expertise, they may teach even further up in the curriculum in their 3rd and/or 4th years.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Students in the Comparative Studies program who work as Graduate Teaching Assistants for the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies will teach one of the program’s core courses, WST 2010 Introduction to Women’s Studies, WST 2608 Introduction to Sexuality and Gender, or our forthcoming Introduction to LGBTQ Studies. Students may also teach WST 2101 Women and Gender in the Global South. Students may also propose a special topics section of WST 3930 to reflect their research interests, beginning in their second year.