Phishing E-mails

Note: FAU will never send you an email asking you to verify personal information with your password or Social Security Number. Nor will they ask you to reset your account via e-mail link.

Phishing is the act of disguising as a trustworthy entity (such as an administrative figure from a school, financial institution, etc.) to gather information that could be used to compromise one's identity, school credentials, and/or banking information. One of the most common phishing processes is through e-mail.

You may receive e-mails from FAU and other credible institutions on a daily basis, but you should always question every e-mail's legitimacy before clicking on any links or attachments. It is best practice to delete an unsolicited e-mail if you are unsure of its validity.

Phishing e-mail

If the e-mail is especially concerning and you need to know if it is an attempted phishing attempt, you can forward the e-mail in question to both, and, and we will assist you in making this decision. In the event that you accidentally click on any links or attachments in a phishing e-mail, it is best to, at the very least, change your FAU password (as well as any other sensitive accounts that use this same password).