virtual desktops guide

There are two possible issues causing the "Access Denied" message, please follow these steps in order to resolve your issue:

1. After visiting "" or opening the VMWare Horizon Client and signing in with your FAU credentials, ensure that you are accepting the DUO Mobile push on your mobile device. After accepting your DUO Mobile Push, you should see "Engineering Desktops."

If this does not resolve your issue move to step 2.

2. Sometimes FAU credentials can become out-of-sync with all of the services FAU offers, including VMWare. In order to fix this, visit this website:

On this website select "Forgot your password" and go through the process of changing your password. Once you have successfully changed your password FAU will re-sync your credentials across all platforms, this should allow you to now sign into VMWare.

Virtual Desktops enable our students, faculty, and staff to get secure instant access 24/7, on-demand, to a Windows PC anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Every virtual desktop has dozens of software applications avaible for free for all students, inlcuding software like Solidworks, PyCharm, Ansys, and more.

To simplify Virtual Desktops we have sectioned the guide into 4 sections.

These sections can be accessed from the navigation bar on the left, or the blue buttons provided below.


For any further questions or assistance contact us at: or through our form found here.