Ticket Submission Guidelines

For all technical issues, problems and requests please send an email to help@eng.fau.edu from your FAU Email Account which will automatically open a ticket in our Engineering Helpdesk. 

Use your FAU email address

We sometimes recieve tickets from personal emails instead of your FAU provided email address. We perfer you submit all help tickets with your FAU email address so we can easily identify your account. This allows us to proceed with providing assistance in a more efficent manor.

Subject Should Clearly Describe the Problem or Request

We sometimes see tickets with a subject of "help", "problem", “urgent” or the email is just forwarded to the help system with an unrelated subject. By using a clear and concise subject this allows us to proceed with providing assistance in a more efficent manor.

Reply to the Ticket

When following up on an issue with us, please reply to the ticket in your email inbox (rather than sending a new email). This will guarantee that the reply gets appended to the ticket on our end. This way, we have a trail/history of the problem and solution.

Reopening a Ticket

If you feel your issue is not fully resolved you can reply to a "resolved" ticket to re-open the ticket and notify the team that you still have questions on that issue. We advise to re-open tickets whenever possible, instead of submitting a new ticket about an existing issue.

Avoid Direct Emails 

Please do try to send the emails to help@eng.fau.edu rather than to any of us directly. Often, the person you direct it to is already working on some other issues (or perhaps out of the office) and this prevents the others (who are available) to be able to handle your issue right away.