Mold Corrections Awareness Tool MCAT



The MCAT (Mold Conditions Awareness Tool) is an application created by the Marne Innovation Center from the U.S army, made for the army. When soldiers go on deployment and leave their base, there is no one maintaining their rooms. The mixture of humidity and lack of maintenance leads to the buildup of mold within the rooms. To combat this, the MCAT is meant to keep track of the humidity levels within the rooms. A segment of the application called the Investigations View can take input data from Amazon Web Services (AWS), display the data for rooms that have crossed a temperature and humidity threshold over a certain period of time, and allow users to fill in a form that notifies building administrators and room inspectors/cleaners to find and/or remove mold. 

Community Benefit

This project offers benefits to the U.S. Army and any other branch of the military that may have an issue with mold. Soldiers that reside within these compounds won't have to suffer the long-term effects of mold exposure. The administrators of the sites won't have to use as many resources to remove any mold that were to grow from long lasting humidity. The students who worked on the project will have gained valuable knowledge and experience in front-end web development and working with a real-world company. 

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