Boca Raton Fleet Maintenance Garage (City of Boca Raton)

Department of Civil, Engvironmental & Geomatics Engineering

Fleet Maintenance Garage with Parking Lot on Top (City of Boca Raton)


Renovation Engineering Design (RED) has used the client’s scope and vision while taking into consideration building codes and requirements to design an aesthetic yet dependable fleet maintenance garage. The client's scope required us to design a fleet maintenance garage that could accompany 16 bays (8 heavy and 8 light), parts storage, fuel facility, receiving area, work orders processing, office space for 25 (including director, 5 managers, parts superintendent, maintenance supervisor, 9 technicians) and 150 parking spaces. RED developed a 4-story garage that could meet all the requirements presented in the scope while avoiding all the restrictions brought upon us.

Community Benefit: Renovation Engineering Design hopes to improve the environmental impact, public safety, and occupational safety of the current Boca Raton Garage. Throughout the design process we will utilize the LEED project checklist, to achieve the maximum possible points. In this Preliminary Site Plan, we identified opportunities for LEED such as installing photovoltaic panels on the roof to provide electricity for the facility, water use reduction, increase ventilation effectiveness, and provide alternative transportation.

Team Members


City of Boca Raton Municipal Services Department