Fab Lab Login and Database Management

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Fab Lab Login and Database Management


The Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Fab Lab is opening equipment access to the public by providing a method to manage equipment rental history, user permissions, and charges. The Fab Lab Login and Database management application we are building will interface directly with the equipment, booking and users database, providing rental information, available rental slots to customers. Lab employees can check-in and -out rental equipment and update user information on the fly, without the need to open up any excel sheets or manually input data.

Community Benefit: Implementing a digital solution will be the best way to not only optimize the tasks for managing an equipment renting system but also contribute towards the organization’s journey towards digital transformation. By automating and removing the manually tedious tasks in the system, we are improving overall system and human efficiency, introducing more security in the long-run, and building an overall stronger brand infrastructure for the Fab Lab.

Team Members


Paul Scarpinato, Asst. Dean, Lab Operations& Engineering & Technology, COECS