la tortuga - autonomous Greens Mower

Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering

Electric Greens Mower (E.G.M)


The objective of this project is to create a greens mower device that can cut the putting greens of a golf course. The mower is capable of mowing a 400 square foot area, the average size of a golf green, within the span of 15 minutes. The putting greens mower has a total of three different system requirements: the device is controlled remotely by the user, the device follows a preprogrammed path, and is totally autonomous.

Community Benefit: This device is cost efficient and allows for golf clubs to spend less on machinery. Compared to mowers that are currently in use, this device reduces the level of noise when being used. The device also allows for the golf course maintenance crew to work on other parts of the golf course while the device cuts the greens.

Team Members