Wahoo Bay, Underwater Marine Park, Marine Conservation, Education
March 15, 2023
Since 2020, the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science has collaborated with Engineers in Action (EIA) to participate in the Bridge Program, an initiative created to provide footbridges to rural communities previously...
Alumni Spotlight: Alexander Hintze
March 06, 2023
Alexander Hintze graduated in May 2020 with a degree in Civil Engineering from the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science. After graduation, he went to work with BCC Engineering, LLC as a structural engineering desig...
Wahoo Bay, Underwater Marine Park, Marine Conservation, Education
February 21, 2023
FAU engineers and students will use AI and sensing in Wahoo Bay, a “living” underwater laboratory, which will serve partly as an educational marine park as well as an initiative to restore the natural habitat.
Video Compression Technology, Streaming Video, Intellectual Property, Industry, Video
February 20, 2023
FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science and OP Solutions have announced the intellectual property merit of FAU-developed versatile video coding technology to improve the process of streaming media.
AI Lab
February 14, 2023
FAU and Florida Power & Light Company have agreed to a four-year collaboration to establish the FPL Center for Intelligent Energy Technologies (InETech).
Researchers from FAU's College of Engineering and Computer Science have trained five classification algorithms to create an accurate model that proactively predicts COVID-19 test results.
December 13, 2022
Results from the study identify the key symptom features associated with COVID-19 infection and provide a way for rapid screening and cost effective infection detection.
Researchers have developed a novel wearable device conveniently worn around the waist that measures all of the physiological parameters associated with heart failure in real time around the clock.
December 12, 2022
FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science researchers have joined forces to develop a universal radio adapter for secure communications for U.S. military, government and critical infrastructure systems.
December 06, 2022
People and assets deployed by the United States Department of Defense (U.S. DOD) in ground, sea, air and space require maintaining operational wireless network connectivity at all times to deter and defeat agile adversaries.
Four FAU researchers representing engineering, medicine, science and Harbor Branch will be inducted into the FAU Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors®.
November 28, 2022
This year’s inductees include faculty researchers from FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science; Charles E. Schmidt College of Science; Schmidt College of Medicine; and Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute....
November 02, 2022
The Americas were the last continent to be inhabited by humans. An increasing body of archaeological and genomic evidence has hinted to a complex settlement process. This is especially true for South America, where unexpected...