Tuition and Billing Services is responsible for the Cashier’s Office and Student Accounts.  The Department is responsible for the collection of money, student account billing, Financial Aid Refund Disbursements and Collections. Tuition and Billing services performs its responsibilities within federal, state, and university laws, guidelines, policies, and procedures.  The Department establishes and maintains proper internal controls and participates in program reviews and audits. 

10/28/2019 Advance Registration Begins Spring 2020
10/28/2019 Payment Plans Open (50/50 & Three Payment Plan)
12/14/2019 Classes Begin:Early Spring (P0)
12/16/2019 Last day to drop/add w/o fee liability - Early Spring (P0)
12/17/2019 Last Day to pay by 5pm - Early Spring (P0)
01/03/2020 Classes End: Early Spring (P0)
01/11/2020 Classes Begin: Full Term (P1), First Half (P2), First 5-Weeks (P4)
01/17/2020 Last day to drop/add w/o fee liability: Full Term (P1), First Half (P2),First 5-Weeks (P4), Second 5-Weeks (P5)
01/21/2020 Last day to initiate 50/50 & Three Payment Plans
01/21/2020 Last day to pay by 5pm - Full Term (P1), First Half (P2), First 5-Weeks(P4), Second 5-Weeks (P5)
02/14/2020 Classes End: First 5-Weeks (P4)
02/15/2020 Classes Begin: Second 5-Weeks (P5)
02/21/2020 Last day to pay 2nd half of the 50/50 Payment Plan by 5pm
02/21/2020 Last day to pay 2nd payment of Three Payment Plan by 5pm
03/06/2020 Classes End: First Half (P2)
03/14/2020 Classes Begin: Second Half (P3)
03/20/2020 Last day to pay final payment of Three Payment Plan by 5pm
03/20/2020 Last day to drop/add w/o fee liability-Second Half (P3), Third 5-Weeks(P6)
03/23/2020 Last day to pay by 5pm Second Half (P3), Third 5-Weeks (P6)
03/23/2020 Advance Registration Begins- Summer/Fall 2020
03/23/2020 Summer Payment Plans Open
03/27/2020 Last day to pay (VA, FL PPD, Financial Aid, State Mandated or Matriculation Waivers) by 5pm
03/28/2020 Classes Begin:Third 5-Weeks(P6)
04/23/2020 Classes End: Full Term (P1)
04/30/2020 Classes End: Third 5-Weeks (P6)
05/01/2020 Classes End: Second Half (P3)
05/07/2020 SPRING 2020 SEMESTER ENDS


Cashier’s Office

FAU’s Cashier’s Office is the centralized location and point of collection for all university deposits.  The primary function of this office is to provide accurate receipting, depositing, and recording of university monies. Services provided by the cashier’s office include receipting of deposits from various campus departments.  After June 29, 2012, the Cashier's Office will be permanently closed.  On-line services such as MyFau are available for the students’ convenience where they can view the status of their account and make a payment by visiting FAU’s homepage at and click on the or the MyFau link.  The processing and collection of dishonored checks and incurred service charges is also the responsibility of this office. Click on the following URL for more information:


Student Billing

FAU’s Office of Student Billing is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition and fees and other obligations due to the university. Our area of responsibility includes, Florida Prepaid Program, Third Party Billing, Collections, and Fee Petitions. By administering the Florida Prepaid Program, we will automatically bill your Florida Prepaid account for any student enrolled as of the last day to pay of each semester.  We also accept authorizations, vouchers, and purchase orders for students who are sponsored by an employer, organization or other third party agency.  Third party student must qualify under the terms set forth under the Third Party Billing letter.  In addition, monthly electronic notifications via FAU email will be sent to currently enrolled students for outstanding financial obligations.  Any student with financial obligations more than 90 days past due will be assessed collections charges in addition to the past due balance and his/her student account will forwarded to a collection agency.  Finally, a student may complete a Fee Petition Form for dropping a course or complete withdrawal due to exceptional circumstance. 


Tuition and Billing Services

FAU’s Office of tuition and billing services works closely with the Office of Student Financial Aid.  tuition and billing services is primarily responsible for mailing all refund checks as well as transferring refunds to various financial institutions if a student has opted for direct deposit.  tuition and billing services, also, is responsible for the disbursement of all FAU’s Short-Term Loans.  Finally, we administer FAU Long-Term Loan (Institutional Loan) and Perkins Loan programs.

Student Accounts performs its responsibilities within federal, state, and university laws, guidelines, policies, and procedures .