New Play Festival


NPF 24

March 2024

  • Eventide by Gina Montét
  • LabRATS - Reading of Original Student Work
  • Los Berliners by Vanessa Garcia
  • As I Eat the World written and performed by Luis Roberto Herrera

  • La Paloma by Andie Arthur (FPI 23*)
  • Harold and Babs by D.A. Mindell (FPI24*)


NPF 23

March 2023

  • The Last Yiddish Speaker by Deborah Zoe Laufer
  • The Impossible Task of Today by Jeff Bower
  • two of us on the run by Steve McMahon
  • love is hard and absolutely (probably) worth it by Johnny G. Lloyd
  • LabRATS - Reading of Original Student Work
  • La Paloma by Andie Arthur*
npf 22


  • An Afternoon Of Short Plays from Playwright’s MasterClass Series
  • Last Night In Inwood by Alix Sobler
  • Black Mexican, by Rachel Lynette*
  • Extreme Home Makeover by Makasha Copeland
  • Spay By Madison Fiedler
npf 2020

January 2020

  • Refuge by Andrew Rosendorf
  • The Night Before by Dan Clancy
  • Overactive Letdown by Gina Montet
  • The Woods by Jahna Ferron-Smith
  • An Afternoon of Short Plays from Theatre Lab’s Playwright’s Forum & Master Class Series 
  • Last Night by Rachel Lynett*
npf 2019

January 2019

  • Go. Please. Go. by Emily Feldman
  • An Afternoon of Short Plays
  • Or, An Astronaut Play by Johnny Lloyd
  • Let It Lie by Dan Clancy
  • Welcome Home by Stephen Brown
  • Billing the NRA by Desmond Gallant
New Play Festival

May 2017

  • An Evening of Short Plays
  • The November Laws by Christopher Demos-Brown
  • 381 Bleecker Street by Gia Marotta
  • The Prey by Gina Montet
  • Hurricane Colleen by Tammy Ryan
  • Most Wanted by Peter Sagal
New Play Festival

May 2016

  • A Subtle Bent on Destruction by Cliff Burgess
  • Spin Moves by Ken Weitzman
  • Sing the Body Electric by Michael Hollinger
  • 22 Seconds by Michele Lowe
  • The Three Sisters of Weehawken by Deborah Zoe Laufer
  • The Day Before Yesterday by Israel Horovitz
New Play Festival

December 2015

  • Motherland by Allison Gregory
  • This Random World by Steven Dietz
  • Echo Location by Carter W. Lewis
  • American Son by Christopher Demos-Brown
  • Harlowe by Jennifer Lane
  • Special Report from the War on Girls by Marsha Norman


*This play (and playwright) is one of the two selected for commission from our Fair Play Initiative – a commission program for LGBTQ playwrights made possible with support from OUR FUND.