New Play Festival


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The festival line-up included:

Refuge by Andrew Rosendorf


Refuge follows a South Texas rancher who finds an undocumented teenage migrant from Honduras passed out on his land; a female Latina border patrol agent who is trying to find someone lost in the desert; and the animals who are just trying to survive, as everything is illegal in the desert.

The Night Before by Dan Clancy


Greg, a 17-year old high-school senior, is ready for things to change. Despite therapy and medications meant to control the disturbing explosions of anger rooted in dark memories from his past, he has still managed to accumulate a lengthy record of behavioral issues. Mostly ignored by his estranged father, his single mother treats him like a drinking buddy, while his younger sister looks at him like a ticking time bomb. His most reliable escapes are video games and time with his one friend, Peter.

After completing a two-week suspension for his involvement in a fight – in which he may or may not have been the instigator – he is due to return to school tomorrow morning. What happens tomorrow will be intensely debated and discussed in national news coverage, but not so easily explained.

Overactive Letdown by Gina Montet


Married and in love, Christine and Mark are eagerly expecting their first child. When the birth doesn’t go as planned, Christine’s anxious mind escapes to an imaginary world crafted from the movies she loves. Maternal instincts elude her and she pulls away, losing her grip on reality as the fantasies take over. Overactive Letdown is a revealing portrayal of motherhood and an intimate unveiling of the downward spiral of postpartum depression.

The Woods by Jahna Ferron-Smith


The Woods explores our learned relationships to the "American" landscape. Who’s taught to love it? Who's taught to fear it? Who's allowed to claim it? What are the consequences that those cultural narratives have on young black Americans, only just learning what being black in today's ‘American landscape’ might mean for them? Going forward, might there be a way to manifest a more positive narrative surrounding the natural environment for those who have been excluded from it, for the sake of those next in line to inherit it?

An Afternoon of Short Plays


These plays were selected from submissions open to participants in Theatre Lab’s Playwright’s Forum & Master Class Series, and work-shopped with Artistic Director Matt Stabile, for a month prior to the festival. The playwrights range from the novice to professional and their work showcases some of the exciting new voices in South Florida.

Last Night by Rachel Lynett


Last Night is a dark comedy that explores the aftermath of a hate crime, specifically through a queer lens. On the night immediately after a hate crime, four women come together in the place of the attack and try their best to find ‘normal’ and to get back to their lives, despite the feeling of ever-present danger. Last Night is a play about healing, understanding and resilience. How do we recover? How can we come together as a community? And what scars are left open?

This play (and playwright) is one of the two selected for commission from our Fair Play Initiative – a commission program for LGBTQ playwrights made possible with support from OUR FUND.


New Play Festival


January 2019

  • Go. Please. Go. by Emily Feldman
  • An Afternoon of Short Plays
  • Or, An Astronaut Play by Johnny Lloyd
  • Let It Lie by Dan Clancy
  • Welcome Home by Stephen Brown
  • Billing the NRA by Desmond Gallant
New Play Festival


May 2017

  • An Evening of Short Plays
  • The November Laws by Christopher Demos-Brown
  • 381 Bleecker Street by Gia Marotta
  • The Prey by Gina Montet
  • Hurricane Colleen by Tammy Ryan
  • Most Wanted by Peter Sagal
New Play Festival

May 2016

  • A Subtle Bent on Destruction by Cliff Burgess
  • Spin Moves by Ken Weitzman
  • Sing the Body Electric by Michael Hollinger
  • 22 Seconds by Michele Lowe
  • The Three Sisters of Weehawken by Deborah Zoe Laufer
  • The Day Before Yesterday by Israel Horovitz
New Play Festival

December 2015

  • Motherland by Allison Gregory
  • This Random World by Steven Dietz
  • Echo Location by Carter W. Lewis
  • American Son by Christopher Demos-Brown
  • Harlowe by Jennifer Lane
  • Special Report from the War on Girls by Marsha Norman