Student Resources


Handouts and Tip Sheets:

  • Beating Speech Anxiety:
  • Preparing a Presentation
  • Writing in Public Speaking
  • Technology in Public Speaking

Exemplar Sample Speeches:

  • Outlining Examples
  • Videos


Helpful Links:

  • Academic Associations 
  • Useful Apps/Websites 
    • SixMinutes: This is a public speaking and presentation skills website that provides feature articles on speech writing, delivery techniques, PowerPoint and visuals, and speaker habits.
    • American Rhetoric: Dedicated to Public Rhetoric, as well as political, social, movie, and religious speeches that offer a lot of related concepts and exercises in rhetoric.
    • Virtual Speech: Using virtual reality, you’ll be able to “see” an audience seated in front of you. This app comes with online courses and enhances your classroom experience. Individual Memberships Available.
    • SpeakerClock and TedTalkTimer: Featuring large, red numbers, you’ll be able to time yourself as you practice your speech with red, green and yellow lights to indicate time or a online count down system. 
    • Pro Metronome and Online Metronome: These apps help you learn stage performance and daily practice through time signatures, provided through beats.
    • LikeSo: This app works as a speech coach. It helps you to find your speech quirks, such as “um,” “like”, or “so.” Practice with TalkAbout (conversation game) or FreeStyle (open mic) to prepare for speaking assignments.
  • Public Speaking Associations 
    • National Speakers Association (NSA)
      Membership in the NSA allows you to refine your skills in presenting and research so that, when you get up to speak, you’ll know just how to convince your audience. NSA membership offers both resources and community to its members.
    • The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
      ASTD focuses on learning in the workplace for performance professionals. Students are welcome, enabling them to learn about research, benchmarking, analysis, and how to seek online information. 
    • Meeting Professionals International (MPI)
      At MPI, the leadership team knows that when individuals meet in person, they are more empowered. This allows professionals in the events and meetings industry to lift themselves up with the beneficial effect of mutual empowerment.
  • Popular Journals