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The Speaking Center supports students, faculty, and staff across the university who strive to become more confident and effective speakers. Through collaborative consultations, trained Speaking Center consultants can help speakers develop the skills and confidence to effectively communicate their ideas in a variety of formats and contexts.

Speakers may seek assistance for academic courses, conferences, job or scholarship interviews, community activism and outreach, professional settings, and special occasion speaking.

Consultants can assist with a variety of concerns, including:

  • Understanding assignments and expectations
  • Identifying key issues and relevance to audiences
  • Researching and developing ideas
  • Persuading an audience
  • Translating scientific, medical, and technical concepts into easy-to-understand language
  • Organizing a speech or presentation
  • Crafting engaging and memorable introductions and conclusions
  • Developing and using visual aids
  • Practicing and enhancing delivery
  • Reducing speech anxiety
  • Presenting on Zoom, Webex, or other virtual platforms
  • Recording speeches to share online

All services through The Speaking Center are free for all FAU students, faculty, and staff.

*Please note that The Speaking Center does not offer tutoring or practice for language classes. For language tutoring, students can schedule an appointment with the Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS). CLASS appointments are also made through www.fau.edu/tutoring, but students should select CLASS as the center instead of The Speaking Center.*