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Do you include a public speaking or an oral communication component to your course?  Unsure where to begin?  We would be happy to visit your class to discuss the Speaking Center or sit down with you to see how we can collaborate. 

Request a Class Visit


You are also more than welcome to inform students of this service for any reason you may desire. Here is some suggested syllabus wording:

"Florida Atlantic University Speaking Center offers free public speaking consultation services for FAU students, faculty and staff. Their trained peer consultants work alongside FAU students on projects in all disciplines. They provide free one-on-one consultations, small group workshops, and other speech communication-focused resources. If you need assistance with a presentation for a class or for a university-related activity, you can get feedback and advice from consultants in the Speaking Center. Their services are delivered face-to-face and online. Their goal is to develop the skills and confidence to become effective and ethical speakers who can communicate ideas clearly in face-to-face and mediated formats.

To learn more about the Speaking Center, check out their website. Or use this link schedule an appointment for a consultation."

*Feel free to copy and paste this blurb*


Busy schedule? Here is a quick cheat sheet to get you started:


Know a student who would be a great fit? Please send them to our Application page. The Speaking Center accepts applications for new Peer Consultants on a rolling basis. Positions are available to students with work-study eligibility or seeking internship credits.


How do I book a classroom visit?

Click on the "Request a Class Visit" button or email us at speakingcenter@fau.edu with your course name and class times.

My students need help with a specific presentation assignment… can we create a custom workshop?
Yes, click on the "Request a Class Visit" button to email us at speakingcenter@fau.edu with the specifics regarding your course and the assignment. We can then schedule an in-person or Zoom meeting to discuss the workshop.
Can I seek assistance for lecture preparation?
Yes, we assist in areas of public speaking related to content, delivery, speech anxiety, etc.
As a GTA, can I receive assistance for dissertation and defense preparation?
Yes, we do provide this service!