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Kevin WagnerThe Civics Project, a collaboration of Florida Atlantic University's Jack Miller Forum and The Palm Beach Post, is a weekly column written by Political Science Professor and Constitutional Scholar Kevin Wagner, Ph.D. The column, which features questions from readers, is published in several USA Today Network newspapers throughout Florida.

In a country like ours, it is very important that we understand the history, principles, and founding documents of our nation. In the United States, power is vested in the people. Being a citizen is about both rights and duties. It’s not just to what we are entitled, but it’s what we owe to our nation and the people around us. On this page, let us learn together about how our country and community work. The Civics Project  features weekly topics about government and the U.S. Constitution, and can be used as a resource for Civics Education. 

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The Civics Project: Too much political will needed to increase number of U.S. House members
The Civics Project: Increasing the Number of U.S. House Members
Why has no one raised the issue of increasing the number of Representatives in the U.S. House, even slightly?
U.S. Senate Leadership
The Civics Project: US Senate Rules Almost Dictate a Power-Sharing Agreement in 50/50 split
Since the Democrats control the U.S. Senate majority, why can’t they just take control?
US Senate Leadership
The Civics Project: Constitutionally, a 50/50 US Senate could get a bit messy
Who controls the U.S. Senate if it ends up with 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats? How would that work?