Advanced Campaigning Program at FAU

This course is an intensive program that teaches students how to run a political campaign. It covers campaign techniques, strategy, and tactics with emphasis on recent technological developments. The lessons in this course will be presented by political strategists, national campaign consultants and political scientists.

The course will consist of group seminars and campaign simulations used to develop and refine a participant’s ability to coordinate a successful political campaign. Written work for this course consists of several short exercises plus development of a campaign plan. Groups of five to six students work jointly on the development and presentation of a single campaign plan for an actual upcoming race. The final day of the class is devoted to the presentation of the group-designed campaign plans.

Course Structure

This course will be delivered in class and online. At designated times throughout the semester, we will participate in a blend of self-paced and group-paced activities using Blackboard and alternative Internet-based technologies. Activities will consist of chat, blogs, discussion forums, email, journaling, blogging, wikis, and web posting.

Students also work in an actual campaign including canvassing, fund raising and outreach.

Apply for the Class:

Applications are required to be admitted to the campaigning program. This is a hands on class that has offered only once per year. You should come out of this class with the knowledge, training and contacts to start working in political campaigns.

There are only 25 seats available and you must apply for admission. You can apply online at 

Successful applicants have a strong academic record and demonstrate good writing skills and an active interest in a political career. Before applying, be sure you have both the time and are willing to make the commitment to be an active participant.

FAU Campaigning Program in the News: