Athene Noctua

Athene Noctua Athene Noctua:
Undergraduate Philosophy Journal
Issue No. 4 (Spring 2016)

Jessica Frank
"On Natural Kinds as Normatively Charged Epistemic Tools: Why the Presence of Catalysts in Chemical Kinetics Calls for a Reconsideration of Natural Kinds as Dynamic Process-Oriented Epistemic Tools"

Gatien Laurol
"The Relevance of Feminist Epistemology and Feminist Ethics"

Ashley Spring
"A Critical Examination of Quinean Naturalism: A Closer Look at Quine's Naturalized Epistemology"

Maxim Uybadin
"A Critique of Scientism: Its Implications and Limitations"


Marina P. Banchetti, Florida Atlantic University

Associate Editors:
Lewis R. Gordon, University of Connecticut

Michael Monahan, Marquette University

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