Audition Information

We make every effort to accept as many students as possible into the Marching Owls.  Previous experience in your high school band is required.  The first thing you should do is complete our online interest form, which tells us more information about you.

Wind Auditions:

No entrance audition is required.  Instead, placement auditions are held the first day of Pre-Season Training.  Be preparred to play:

  • Two Major Scales (One of your choice, and one of our choice)
  • Full range chromatic scale
  • FAU Fight Song (Download below)
  • Sight-Reading

Drumline Auditions: 

The material provided here is a collection of warm-ups.  You will be responsible for all the material at the audition.  Since there is a limited amount of space you may not make the line on your preferred instrument, but there may be opportunities to make the line on another instrument.  Please read through the handbook carefully and prepare yourself accordingly. 

Contact Professor Matthew Nichols to setup an audition time.  Space in the drumline will begin to fill in April, and additional space may or may not be available as the Fall season approaches.  

Guard and Majorette Auditions:

Click here for more information about gaurd and majorette auditions.

FAU Fight Song for Wind Players: