Audition Information

Do I perform well enough to make the Marching Owls?

We make every effort to accept as many students as possible for the Marching Owls. The Marching Owls is made up of around 70% non-music majors and these students are a very important part of our program.

  1. A musical audition will be held at the very beginning of the training session to determine which part you should play. You will be asked to sight-read, to play a chromatic scale, and to play several major scales.
  2. An on-going evaluation of your marching, playing, and overall attitude takes place during the entire pre-season training.
  3. All member participation is subject to approval by the Director of the Marching Owls.

Please note that the procedure described above applies to brass, woodwind, and percussion auditions. Detailed information on flag and majorette auditions is sent to those registering for auditions and will be posted on this web site prior to the April audition.

Wind Audition Requirements:

  • Several Major Scales
  • Full range chromatic scale
  • FAU Fight Song (including break strain). Download below.

Sight reading 

All musicians will be provided with a short musical example and given time to study it.  You will be asked to perform the example to the best of your ability.  We are not interested in perfection, but we are interested in identifying capable readers. 

Audition scoring

Your audition score will be based on your prepared selection, sound quality, and sight-reading.  We are very much interested in good musicianship and good sound.  Sight-reading is an important part of the audition process because the Marching Owls prepare a new halftime show for every home game.

Percussion Auditions: 

The material provided below is a collection of warm-ups.  You will be responsible for all the material at the audition.  Since there is a limited amount of space you may not make the line on your preferred instrument, but there may be opportunities to make the line on another instrument.  Please read through the handbook carefully and prepare yourself accordingly.   Auditions will occur on a Saturday in April.  That day will be posted here once it is decided.  Additional auditions MAY take place at the beginning of pre-season drills.  Download below.

Prepared music links:


Percussion Books