The FAU Marching Owls invites candidates to audition to become Colorguard or Majorette members.

  • In person auditions will be held June 29 at the Summer Guard Clinic, 9 am, at FAU Arena.  If you can't attend, please email an audition video to demonstrating audition requirement #1.  Requirement #2 may need to be confirmed at a future date.
  • Complete the form on this webpage to get more information


  1. Prepare a solo routine to music of your choice between 2-3 minutes in length. You must demonstrate skill in basic handling of equipment as well as advanced maneuvers. At least 50% of the routine MUST be done while marching or doing dance steps. The routine must be performed to recorded music.  At the audition, bring a copy of your music to play on a smartphone or other device.
  2. You will be taught a new routine, including marching fundamentals, foot and flag work by a staff member on site. Candidates will be judged on how quickly and accurately they learn the material.

 To learn more about auditions, please complete this form.

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