Auditions for the Fall 2020 Marching Owls color guard and majorettes will be entirely online. Please read the instructions on how to prepare an audition video and once complete, send or share the video to  We will be accepting videos throughout the Summer.


Prepare a solo routine to music of your choice at least one minute and thirty seconds in length.  Prior to your solo routine, please include one minute of you performing basic skills (listed below).  If you spin rifle or sabre, please include this in your solo routine as we do typically have a weapon line.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, if you do not have access to a flag or rifle/sabre from your high school, you can submit a video of yourself performing from a show. If you do not have a video of yourself in a show you performed in, you can get creative to show basic skills (use a broom or mop to show basic spins and cones). Please email if you have no access to equipment but are interested in auditioning. 

Basic skills: 

  • Drop spins: right and left
  • Ever spins (peggy spins): right and left
  • Cones
  • Pull hits
  • Wind up toss
  • Money hand toss
  • Parallel / 45 toss (if you can!)

Please note that we understand everyone's style of colorguard varies. If you are unsure of what the above skills are, please demonstrate the basic skills you were taught in your previous program.


Prepare a solo routine to music of your choice at least one minute and thirty seconds in length.  Please include the following skills in your routine or perform them seperately directly after.

  • 2 spin catch right and left
  • 2 spin back hand
  • 2 spin horizontal
  • 2 spin catch behind the back and/or catch blind
  • Toss Illusion
  • Toss walkover/cartwheel
  • Toss step kick
  • Toss right or left leap
  • Basic contact material
  • Cartwheel or walkover trick
  • Rolls and contact work
  • 2 and 3 baton work

The following skills are optional, but encouraged if you can demonstrate them:

  • 3 spins catch everywhere
  • 1 spin illusion
  • Double illusion
  • 1 spin cartwheel/walkover
  • Double element tricks

What to wear:

  • Your choice of solo costume with tights
  • Full makeup
  • Hair in a bun or ponytail

Guard Photo