Joining the Marching Owls


Marching Owls is a performing ensemble (class) in the Department of Music open to students enrolled at FAU and cooperating community colleges (see below). Students will register for University Marching Band.

The course has two different class codes. For freshman and sophomores, it is MUN 1110, MWF 5:00-6:50pm CR#: 12835. The code for juniors, seniors, and transfer students is MUN 4113, MWF 5:00-6:50pm CR# 11832. You may register for 1, 2 or 3 credit hours.

Specific requirements apply to certain groups within the Marching Owls:

  • Woodwinds and Brass: No entrance audition is required!  An informal placement audition will take place after arriving at band camp.
  • Color Guard: Auditions will be held twice. Once in April and the second on the first day of preseason training. Please follow this  link for more information on the audition process.
  • Percussion: Auditions will take place in April on the FAU campus. More specific information on auditions will be emailed to those students who list “Drumline” as their intended section on the Intent to March Form.

All prospective members who are interested in joining the Marching Owls should click on the button below and complete the "Intent to March" form. 


Yes! Each registered member of the Marching Owls receives a $500.00 scholarship at the conclusion of the fall semester. The full scholarship amount is awarded based on successful completion of the course.


Owls rehearsals are at a time of the day when few other classes meet. With careful planning you should have time to participate in the Marching Owls. As with any college activity, you will be responsible for keeping track of your time and keeping up with all of your schoolwork. Plan ahead – you can make it work.

Intent to March Button


Community or State College Students

New Community or State College Students

Students currently attending another Florida public college or university (Palm Beach State College, Broward College, Miami-Dade College), who wish to take marching band at Florida Atlantic University , please go to for the transient student application. There is no need to submit a fee or application through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Be sure to check with your home institution for proper transient procedures and approval as well.

Students will sign up for MUN 1110/4113 (University Marching Band) when registering for classes for Fall 2016. The class is variable credit and may be taken for one, two, or three credit hours. The student is subject to all fees and tuition costs for the class.

All items must be submitted to FAU Undergraduate Admissions office prior to the first day of Fall classes.  Applications submitted after this date cannot be accepted and participation for next fall will not be possible!

Returning Community College Students

Please complete and submit a FAU transient student form. A transient student form must be submitted every semester in which you intend to take a class at FAU. All items must be submitted to FAU Undergraduate Admissions office prior to the first day of Fall classes. 

Non- Degree Seeking Students

If you are not currently enrolled at a public university, college, or community college, but would like to enroll in marching band, you must submit a Non-Degree Enrollment Application so you can take classes at Florida Atlantic University.  You may access the instructions sheet at this link:

* Please fill out the Non-Degree Enrollment Application form and Non-Degree Residence Classification form from the registrar as well.

  1. Complete the forms-write clearly.
  2. The non-degree application requires a $30.00 application fee in check or money order (ONLY!) submitted with the forms.
  3. If you are a Florida resident, independent or dependent, YOU or YOUR parents must provide clear and convincing supporting documentation to qualify for in-state tuition.  Students are automatically coded Non-Florida resident (pay out of state tuition rates-high rate of tuition) when paperwork is not submitted to qualify for in-state tuition (lower rate of tuition).
  4. Please expedite your paperwork by sending via U.S. Mail.  Our office recommends an overnight process of your choice to insure prompt and safe delivery. Please mail your payment to:
    Florida Atlantic University
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    777 Glades Road SU-80
    Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991
  5. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received and emails are sent out to our students to notify them when their application has been processed (please print clearly).  Remember to check your email junk box periodically-sometimes our emails are received by our student in their junk boxes.
  6. We do not accept forms via email or fax and application fees must accompany the paperwork - check or money order only.
    Please note: no financial aid is available for Non-Degree students.