Returning Student

Returning degree-seeking FAU student

If you are a former, degree-seeking FAU student, but not currently enrolled, your eligibility to return will depend on several factors. Degree-seeking students returning after an absence of more than a year may be subject to the following:

  1. If last enrollment was more than three consecutive semesters, the student must file a new admissions application with the appropriate documents and submit a new application fee of $30.
  2. The student must be in good standing (eligible to return) at FAU and at any institution attended since last period of enrollment at FAU. If the student was academically dismissed from FAU, that student would need to petition to be reinstated to FAU before the admissions application can be processed (this is handled by the college in which the student was academically dismissed.)
  3. If the student has attended another institution since the last period of enrollment at FAU, official transcripts must be forwarded directly to the FAU Office of Admissions by the registrar of the other institution(s).
  4. Previous attendance at FAU does not guarantee admission. Quality of any interim work and successful progress toward a degree are considered.
  5. A returning student that is denied by the office of Undergraduate Admissions has the right to appeal through the FCSA

Second Baccalaureate - Applicants Holding a Baccalaureate Degree

Students applying for a second baccalaureate degree must have received their first bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution and achieved a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher. A "major" is required for all students seeking a Second Bachelor's Degree when submitting the application online.

Please note specific degree requirements regarding Second Baccalaureate Degrees, to earn a second baccalaureate degree, students must:

  1. Earn a minimum of 30 credits in residence at FAU beyond those required for the first degree. Students earning two degrees simultaneously (a "dual degree") must earn at least 150 credits.
  2. Earn at least 75 percent of all upper-division credits in the major department from FAU (effective for students who entered FAU in fall 2010 and going forward). Some major departments may require more than 75 percent. Consult the degree requirements section of the major for details. (The previous requirement, earn at least 50 percent of all upper-division credits in the major department from FAU, is still in effect for students who entered FAU prior to fall 2010.)
  3. Satisfy the admission and graduation requirements of the department and college granting the second degree as described under the heading Lower-Division College and Department Requirements (explanation elsewhere in this section). Students who have received a bachelor's degree from a four-year accredited institution of higher education will be deemed as having met the FAU general education requirements. Students must meet the foreign language requirement, however, if required for one of the two degrees.