College of Business

Admission to Florida Atlantic University does not guarantee entrance to selective admissions majors in the College of Business.

A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required in the Pre-Business CORE coursesMath Boot Camp will be required for any students that have not successfully completed required math courses.

FAU counts a “course attempt” as any time a student is enrolled in a course (at any institution) and earns either a grade or a “W”. Transfer students who have not successfully completed a pre-business course within three attempts are not eligible to declare a business major at FAU. The College of Business will not permit fourth attempts for transfer students. Transfer students who have already attempted a pre-business course twice at a previous institution should speak with an advisor for more information.

Upon admission, your status is considered as a preliminary business major (pre-business). Please refer to the College of Business website for their undergraduate admissions policy and a list of business majors.

Pre-business students who have completed the requirements to declare should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to complete the necessary paperwork.

Non-business majors who are considering a change to business should schedule an appointment with a business advisor to discuss. 

Please note: The Economics (ECON) major, a social science program, is excluded from the above requirements.