December 12, 2018

University Graduate Council Meeting Agenda



Time: 2:00 pm
Location: College of Education Building (ED-47) Room 211

1) Call to order, sign in and introductions
2) Brief announcements and discussions
3) Conversation with the Provost- Bret Danilowicz
4) Review and approval of minutes from the November 14, 2018 UGC meeting
5) Review curriculum items approved at last GPC meeting on December 5, 2018

Agenda Items for December 12, 2018  

Document Type Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: CDSI, Nursing
Course Change MUG6306- Applied Graduate Orchestral Conducting A&L N/A A
Course Change MUS6906- Directed Independent Study A&L N/A A
Program Change Master of Music  A&L  N/A   AC (changes made)
*Program Change  MA in LLCL A&L  N/A   A
Program Change Master of Music A&L  N/A AC  (changes made)
 Reviewers by College: Education, Library
New Self- Supporting Program Doctor of Philosophy with Major in Business Administration: Executive  Business N/A  A
 Program Change Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate  Business N/A A
 Reviewers by College: Library, Science
Program Change  Master of Public Administration (MPA) CDSI N/A A
Program Change  Master of Social Work CDSI  N/A  A 
Program Change  Doctor of Social Work Degree Program CDSI  N/A AC (changes made)
 Reviewers by College: A&L, Education
New Course CGN5937- Graduate Seminar  Engineering  N/A  AC (changes made)
New Course  CGS5937- Graduate Seminar  Engineering  N/A AC (changes made)
New Course   EML5937- Graduate Seminar Engineering  N/A  AC (changes made)
Program Change   Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate Engineering  N/A  A 
Program Change  MS in Comp. Sci., Comp. Eng., Electrical Eng., Bioengineering PhD in Comp Sci., Comp. Eng., Electrical Eng.  Engineering  N/A  A 
Program Change   MS Bioengineering, PhD Computer Science, PhD Computer Engineering, PhD Electrical Engineering Engineering  N/A  A 
Program Change  MS Civil Engineering  Engineering  N/A  AC (changes made)
 Program Change MS Civil Engineering Engineering  N/A  A 
Program Change  Ocean and Mechanical Engineering PhD Programs  Engineering  N/A A
 Program Change Ocean and Mechanical Engineering MS and PhD Programs  Engineering  N/A  A 
 Program Change  Ocean and Mechanical Engineering MS & PHD Programs Engineering  N/A  A 
 Reviewers by College: Nursing, Science
Course Change BMS6017- Foundations of Medicine Medicine  N/A  A 

A: Approved, AC: Approved with changes, T: Tabled

*Approved by the Catalog Revision Committee (CRC)

Additional Discussion Items
Documents Centralized GA/GRA/GTA Offer Letter

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