Graduate Recruitment

The following resources are available to assist faculty and staff in recruiting competitive students to attend FAU’s graduate programs. The following listing includes annual and recurring events held by the Graduate College as well as information about databases and other tools that will aid you in identifying and communicating with prospective students.

Recruitment Workshop

The annual Graduate College Recruitment Workshop presents funding opportunities for the Graduate Recruitment Grant and Graduate Recruitment Fellowship programs. The Graduate Recruitment Workshop is held every fall semester on the Boca Raton campus. To learn more about the event, click here.

Admissions Program Sheets

The Graduate College displays individual admissions program sheets for all graduate programs at the University. These admissions program sheets are located on the Graduate College website under Prospective Students. Please update your program’s contact information by us at, with any changes.

Please note: It is important to ensure that the admissions contact person listed on each program sheet is accurate. Prospective students frequently use these program sheets as a first contact with individual graduate programs. The FAU email system does not provide students with an automated bounce back email when an employee no longer works at the university or is on sabbatical. As a result, prospective students may be sending emails to the contact person listed on the program sheet and receiving no response. Please notify us at, of any admissions support staffing changes in your program(s), even if the change is only temporary.

GRE Search Services

The GRE® Search Service is a web-based tool that provides universities the opportunity to access contact information for prospective graduate students who have already taken the GRE.

The GRE® Search Service can be used to identify specific characteristics you are seeking in graduate students, including targeted geographical regions, gender, ethnicity, academic performance, and more.

The Graduate College has a GRE® Search Service account. If you order your list of prospective students through the Graduate College, you will not have to pay the $250.00 annual processing fee. You program will only be responsible for the cost associated with the list of prospective students. The current cost per name is $0.50. If you would like to purchase a GRE list, please contact us at

Online Information Request

The Graduate College has launched an Online Information Request Form on its website. Prospective students can use this tool to request information about our graduate programs. When information requests are received by the Graduate College, we forward those inquiries to the admissions staff members in the appropriate graduate program(s) in the form of a spreadsheet. These reports are emailed bi-weekly.

Creative Services

If you need assistance designing recruitment email templates or brochures, the Marketing and Creative Services department can help you with your design needs. The Marketing and Creative Services department can be contacted by email at or you may fill out a work order online

Information Sessions

The Graduate College hosts monthly Information Sessions. Prospective students can register to attend the information sessions here. The sessions provide students with an overview of the graduate admissions process. There are presentations from the Graduate College, Testing and Evaluation, Test Preparation, and the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Open House

The Graduate Open House is an annual event that provides prospective graduate students the opportunity to meet with FAU representatives from the Graduate College, academic programs, the Office of Student Financial Aid, and other student services departments. Detailed information regarding Open House will be sent to faculty and staff in the academic programs at the beginning of each fall semester.

Graduate Fairs

The Graduate College attends Graduate and Professional Fairs throughout the state of Florida. These Graduate and Professional Fairs are held annually during the fall semester. The inquiry cards the Graduate College collects from interested students at these fairs are forwarded to the appropriate graduate programs at the University for follow up.