Exhibit Center for Space Perspective Inc.

Team: NOVUS Consulting

Client:  Space Perspective Inc


NOVUS Consulting has developed a workable manufacturing facility/exhibit center for Space Perspective Inc. This includes a 200,000 sq. ft.  hangar, a 6,900 sq. ft.  headquarters building, a connecting apron, 250 parking spaces and 3 truck loading bays, all the while adhering to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) specifications. This allows the client to use these facilities in order to manufacture hydrogen balloons and capsules, and to showcase their manufacturing process. Community Benefit: Once completed, the proposed facilities will employ approximately 250 residents in the Titusville area and attract tourists to the city to visit the exhibit center.  

Team Members

Christopher Bauso
Devin Curran
Eureka Desvaraines
Eliecer Quintero Hernandez
Saba Yasin