3D Metal Printer (OURI funding)


The project aims to explore an innovative approach towards 3D Metal printing by implementing the principle of additive manufacturing. The devised system is a transformative approach to the current industrial production systems that aids in the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems. The process of additive manufacturing is achieved by importing data of the models from the CAD software interface. The printing allows rapid prototyping and has a wide array of applications in different fields and sectors. We plan to implement the use of a MIG to replace the extrusion head on a 3D printer. This will allow us to print in 3D using metal filament normally run through a MIG welder. Community Benefit: Open up Metal 3D printing and MIG welding tools to a larger community by lowering the price.

Team Members

Jacob Adams
Jassim Alfailakawi
Bradford Davis
Zachary Helbling
Sertac Yener