Principal Investigator

Dr. Mahsa Ranji
PhD Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
777 Glades Road, EE 315
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991
Phone: 561-297-0089

Mahsa Ranji received a PhD degree in 2007 in Electrical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) for her studies on fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging of cardiovascular diseases. She then joined Sanford Burnham Institute for Medical Research/UCSD bioengineering as a postdoctoral associate in January 2008 where she has studied stem cell differentiation for cardiac repair. She was at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Department of Electrical Engineering from 2009 to 2020 before joining FAU CEECS/ISENSE in August 2020. Dr. Ranji closely collaborates with medical school scientists.




Parisa Nategh
Summer 2022-Present
PhD in Electrical Engineering

Parisa Nategh received her M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics from the University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, in 2020 and her B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Khajeh Nasir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, in 2017. She worked as a graduate researcher on a new way of designing and fabricating an active microfluidic system with application in biomedical engineering. She designed and implemented an RGB detector using Raspberry Pi 4, its camera, and OpenCV Library in Python to recognize a wide array of chemicals in blood and other fluids. She spent her bachelor's period learning about Neural System's physiology and Brain Imaging techniques, including EEG, and continued to do her project on designing and Implementing an 8-channel EEG (Brain-Computer Interface). Her research interests include biomedical imaging, biological image and signal processing, and biomedical instrumentation.


parisa nategh

Mehrnoosh Neghabi
Summer 2022-Present
PhD in Electrical Engineering

Mehrnoosh received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Biomedical Engineering from University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran in 2015 and 2018. She was a researcher at Isfahan Neuro Technology Laboratory from 2015 to 2018. She also worked as a research expert at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences between 2018 and 2020. In her master thesis, she focused on feature extraction algorithms in SSVEP-based BCI systems. Her research interests include biological image processing, biological signal processing, brain-computer interfaces, pattern recognition, and biomedical instrumentation.


Torey Lundy
Summer 2024-Present
MS in Biomedical Engineering

In 2022, Torey earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a focus on Biochemistry from our very own Florida Atlantic University. He possesses a profound understanding of the medical field and its current issues, acquired through diverse experiences. He has assisted at a pharmacy, engaged in physician shadowing at a clinic, and served as a case manager for a medical flight company, facilitating transportation for medically compromised patients unsuitable for commercial flights. Torey’s research interests comprise of stem cells, gene therapy, the creation of therapeutics for various diseases and the development of innovative technologies and tools aimed at enhancing quality of life.





Buse Nur Ceyhan
Spring 2022-Spring 2024
MS in Biomedical Engineering


Shalaka Konjalwar
Spring 2022-Spring 2024
MS in Biomedical Engineering


Soudeh Mostaghimi
Jan 2019-May 2021
MS in Electrical Engineering

Shima Mehrvar, PhD
PhD in Electrical Engineering
Jan 2016-May 2020
Mette F La Cour, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar in Electrical Engineering
Fall 2015-2017
Parvathi Kadamati
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Spring 2016-2017
Zahra Gahnian
PhD in Electrical Engineering
Fall 2011-January 2017
Current Position: Works at FDA, Washington DC
Jeffrey Sugar
MS in Electrical Engineering
Fall 2013-Spring 2016
Current Position: Works at Philips, Waukesha, WI
Guanchu Chen
BS/MS Student in Electrical Engineering
Spring 2015-Summer 2016
Current Position: Student
Michael Shlomo Ish-Shalom
BS in Electrical Engineering
Spring 2015-Spring 2016
Current Position: Works at RF Technologies, Milwaukee, WI
Stephanie Leigh Bolin
MS in Biomedical Engineering
Spring 2015-Fall 2015
Fahimeh Salehpour
MS in Electrical Engineering
Sept 2013-May 2015
Current Position: Principal Scientist at Medici Technologies
Erfan Masoudi
MS in Electrical Engineering
Winter 2012-August 2014
Current Position: Design Engineer at ABL Technologies
Whitney Linz
MS in Electrical Engineering
Winter 2013-August 2014
Reyhaneh Sepehr
PhD in Electrical Engineering
September 2010-May 2014
Kevin Staniszewski
MS in Electrical Engineering
March 2010-April 2013
Current Position: Software Engineer, Prairie Technologies, Milwaukee, WI
Sepideh Maleki
MS in Electrical Engineering
May 2010-March 2013
Current Position: Test Engineer, Fenwal Inc., Lake Zurich, IL
Gregory Michalak, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
Electrical Engineering Department
Current Position: Collaboration Manager, Siemens, Minneapolis MN


Mark Jacobs
MS Student in Electrical Engineering




Laura Michelle Bersie
BS in Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Department


Matthew Hying
BS in Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Department 2010-2011
Robert Williams
BS in Electrical Engineering