MS Supervisory Committee

All MS graduate students will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist the student in planning a course schedule for the program and will also approve all course selections, schedules, and schedule changes. By the end of the first semester or at the completion of 9 credits, the student, in consultation with the academic advisor, should make the following selections:

  1. A particular program-emphasis option. If selecting a thesis program then:
    1. Chair of the supervisory committee.
    2. At least two other members for the supervisory committee.

The chair of the supervisory committee, who is normally the student's advisor, and at least two of the other members must be chosen from the ocean and mechanical engineering faculty. Members from outside the department may be chosen for the supervisory committee with the permission of the department chair. The student should obtain the consent of other members to serve on the supervisory committee. Having obtained this permission, the names of the committee members should be submitted to the department chair. The committee acts as a unit to guide the student's degree program.