Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering (OME) currently offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in

These degree programs are designed to provide a comprehensive and broad curriculum in science and engineering that prepares students, upon graduation, to efficiently perform engineering tasks in ocean and mechanical engineering work environments or to successfully pursue higher studies and research in engineering. Both undergraduate programs are offered on the main FAU campus in Boca Raton.

Innovation Leadership Honors Program

The College of Engineering and Computer Science has established the Innovation Leadership Honors Program (ILHP) for outstanding engineering and computer science undergraduate students. Students will be invited to join the program after they have completed their Pre-Professional Engineering Program and have met the ILHP eligibility requirements.

Joint BS/MS Degree Program

Qualified students also have the opportunity to enter the Joint BS/MS degree program. With an approximate duration of five years, this combined program provides an attractive way for students to continue their graduate work. Students may count 9-credits of approved undergraduate course work toward both their B.S. and M.S. degrees.

BS to PhD Direct-Path Program

The usual degree path for an engineer or computer science student at FAU is first a BS degree, then a master's degree and then a PhD degree. All of this can take up to 10 years of study. The BS to PhD Direct-Path program gives highly-qualified bachelor and master's students the opportunity to move rapidly into research activities with the simultaneous completion of the MS and PhD degrees. Admission to the direct-path PhD program may be granted to students entering or already in a graduate engineering or computer science program, including students selected for the Joint BS/MS program. See the program admission and degree requirements for more information.