MS Program Unsatisfactory Performance

A MS graduate student whose academic performance is deemed unsatisfactory will be denied further registration in the department programs. Unsatisfactory academic performance is defined as failure to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all FAU graduate program courses at the end of the second semester in the program (this would normally be 15 to 18 credits) or after any subsequent semester. Please note that this is more strict than the University requirement. A student who exhibits unsatisfactory performance in the ocean or mechanical engineering graduate program is not precluded to apply to another program in the University. No graduate credit may be earned for courses completed with a "C-", "D+", "D", "D-", "F", or "U" (refer to the Academic Policies and Regulations in the University Catalog), even if grades in other courses bring the average up to a satisfactory level. A student who withdraws from a course after the Drop/Add period may be required to repay any tuition benefits received.