M.S. Theses Supervised

  1. Darryl Dieujuste, “Development of A Portable Impedance Based Flow Cytometer,” graduated 2018. Advisor: H. Zhuang.
  2. Ian Gerstel, “Automated Control of Microfluidics Devices,” Graduated 2010. Advisor: H. Zhuang, Co-Advisors: G.Sui and O. Masory
  3. DiBenedetto, M., “Home Automation and Power Conservation using ZigBee®,” graduated 2009. Advisor: H. Zhuang
  4. Carrillo, P., “Low Complexity H.264 Video Encoder Using Machine Learning,” graduated 2008. Advisors: H. Zhuang and H. Kalva
  5. Li, I., “Integrating multi-user scheduling with retransmission diversity methods over wireless links”, graduated 2008. Advisors: H. Zhuang and X. Wang
  6. Leon, G., “Content Identification using Video Tomography”, graduated 2008. Advisors: H. Zhuang and H. Kalva
  7. Soni, P., “A biometrics based secure communication scheme for blue tooth environment,” graduated 2007.Advisors: A. Pandya and H. Zhuang
  8. Fonseca, A., “A Study on Implementing Autonomous Video Surveillance Systems Based on Optical Flow Concept,” graduated 2007. Advisors: H. Zhuang and O. Marques
  9. Gosine, R., “An Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Hand Grip Classification,” graduated 2007. Advisor H. Zhuang
  10. Kotlarchyk, A. J., “Fuzzy vault fingerprint cryptograph,” graduated 2006. Advisors: A. Pandya and H. Zhuang
  11. Theerawong, T. (Paan), “A method to create 3D-facial image from 2D-facial data set,” graduated 2006. Advisor: H. Zhuang 
  12. Popescu, C., "Stability of Delayed Networked Nonlinear Systems," graduated 2003. Advisors: H. Zhuang and Y. Wang
  13. Khan, Z., "DSP Implementation of Turbo Decoder using the Modified-Log-Map Algorithm," graduated 2002.  Advisors: R. Sudhakar and H. Zhuang
  14. YuanHui, Zhao, “Implementation of a fuzzy logic based trust model,” graduated 2001, Advisor: H. Zhuang
  15. Wu, Xiaomin, “Implementation of a fuzzy logic controller for laser tracking systems,” graduated 1999, Advisor: H. Zhuang
  16. Liu, X., “Performance analysis of the genetic algorithms,” graduated 1995. Advisor: H. Zhuang
  17. Li, J., “Application of genetic algorithms to PCB inspection,” graduated 1995. Advisors: J. Han and H. Zhuang
  18. Wu, W., “Camera-aided Scara arm calibration,” graduated 1994. Advisor: H. Zhuang
  19. Xu, X., “Camera calibration technique,” December 1991. Avisors: Z.S. Roth and H. Zhuang
  20. Haliyur, P., “Estimation of planar surface motion and structure parameters with binocular camera configuration,” April 1991.   Advisors: R. Sudhakar and H. Zhuang